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146 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. $ESS. I. C11. 287. 1876. and transcribing the proceedings of each and all of said committees; superintendent of the folding-room, two thousand dollars; three clerks in the folding-room, one at one thousand eight hundred dollars and two at one thousand two hundred dollars; one folder in the sealingroom, one thousand two hundred dollars; superintendent and chief assistant in the document-room, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; document iile-clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars; eight messengers, at one thousand two hundred dollars; ten messengers, at one thousand dollars; four laborers under the superintendent of the folding room, to handle books, at seven hundred and twenty dollars per annum each; seven laborers, at seven hnndred_ and twenty dollars each; ten laborers, during the session, at the rate of seven hundred and twenty dollars each per annum, two thousand four hundred dollars; one la- Henry Douglas. borer, at six hundred dollars; one laborer, (Henry Douglas,) at eight hundred and forty dollars- and for one female attendant in 1adies’ retiring-room, six hundred dollars; making, in all, the sum of one hundred and ninety-six thousand four hundred and twenty dollars. Msssssgsss ,-,,1 And the fourteen messengers on the soldiers’ roll shall be employed Soldiers Roll. during the current year at a compensation not exceeding one thousand two hundred dollars each. And the sum of money necessary to pay the messengers on that roll is hereby appropriated. For contingent expenses of the House of Representatives, namely; ‘ Clerks to com- For twenty-one clerks to committees, at six dollars per day during mll>l¤•¤°¤- the session, fifteen thousand one hundred and twenty dollars. Materials for For materials for folding, eight thousand dollars. ‘ f°gi:,i].%',,g_ For labor in folding books, speeches, and pamphlets, seven thousand dollars; . Prices for fom. And the following prices may be paid for folding books, pamphlets, ing. speeches, and the Daily Record, namely: For quarto volumes, not exceeding one cent per volume; for ootavo volumes, not exceeding one- ` half cent each per volume; for the Daily Record, not exceeding two dlollars (per thousand; and for speeches, not exceeding one dollar per thousand . Fuel and oil. For fuel and oil for the heating-apparatus, ten thousand dollars. Horses and wag- For hire of horses and mai1—wagons for carrying the mails, four thou- <>¤¤· (sand dollars. Furniture. For furniture, and repairs of the same, five thousand dollars. Boxes. For packing boxes, two thousand seven hundred and eighteen dollars. oai-msgs. For cartage, seven hundred dollars. Misc.,n.,,,s.,us, For miscellaneous items eighteen thousand dollars. Iudsbtsdssss of To pay outstanding indebtedness incurred by the committees of the committees. House prior to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, three thousand dollars, to be disbursed by the Clerk of the House. Postage stamps- For postage stamps for the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Clerk, and the ' Postmaster of the House of Representatives, each, one hundred dollars, three hundred dollars. Newspapers and For newspapers and stationery for members of the House of Repre- ¤¢=·¤i¤¤<>F¥· sentatives, officers of the House and committees of the House, includ- -ing six thousand dollars for stationery for the use of the committees and officers of the House, forty-three thousand three hundred and seventy dollars. Pages. For twenty-eight pages, while actually employed, (including three riding-pages,) at two dollars and fifty cents per day, and for hire of horses, five hundred dollars, eight thousand four hundred dollars. - PUBLIC PRINTING. semis;. For compensation of the Public Printer at the rate of three thousand six hundred dollars per annum, and of the clerks and employees in his Prbvism office, twelve thousand nine hundred dollars: Provided, That the term 1876 ,,,,246, “Public Printer " as employed in that part of the act making appro- Ana: p,1U5, priations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the current