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[74 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 288. 1876. UNITED STATES OF COLUMBIA z- Sabanilla. ECUADOR :-— Guyaquil. NETHERLANDS :— Batavia. BRAZIL :—- Para; Rio Grande. HONDURAS :—— Omoa and Truxillo to reside at Utila. MEXICO :— Guaymas. ` MUSCAT: Zanzibar. PORTUGUESE DOMINIONS :—- Santiago, (Cape Verde Islands.) SOCIETY ISLANDS:- Tahite. Y CHILI :— Talcahuana. FRIENDLY AND NAVIGATOB/S ISLANDS: Apia. 0 <> in m ~> r ci ¤ ¤ COMMERCIAL AGENCIES. n·g0¤c10¤. Sounnurm C. ` Saint Paul de Loando; Lauthala; Gaboon. Somrnnrn B. · San Juan del Norte. ¤1<¤k¤ M °°¤¤“· For allowance for clerks at consulates as follows: IM"' For the consulgeneral at Havana and the consul at Liverpool, each a sum not exceeding the rate of three thousand dollars for any one year; and to the consuls-general at London, Paris, and Shanghai, each a sum not exceeding the rate of two thousand dollars for any one year; to the consuls general at Berlin, Vienna, Frankfort, and Montreal, and t0-the consuls at Hamburg, Bremen, Leipsic, Lyons, Manchester, Beirut, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradiord, Clemnitz, Sheiheld, Sonneberg, Dresden, Havre, Marseills, Fayal, Nuremberg, Leith, Naples, Stuttgart, Mannheim, and Tunstall, each a sum not exceeding one thousand two hundred dollars for any one year, forty-two thousand six hundred dollars. i¤t<>*121‘<=t<>¤‘€i J=¤· For salaries of the interpreters to the consulates, at Shanghai, Tien- ¥’"”* Cl““"‘* S"’“”‘ Tsin, Fouehow, and Kanagawa, at two thousand dollars each, eight ` thousand dollars. For salaries of the interpreters to the consulates at Hankow, Amoy, Canton, and Hong-Kong, at seven hundred and fifty dollars each, three thousand dollars. For salaries of the interpreters to twelve other consulates in China. Japan, and Siam, at five hundred dollars each, five thousand dollars. <P··5¤s¤i¤r vmcers For consular officers not citizens of the United States ten thousand hub OIDIZGDS. dollars. V Marshals. . For salaries of the marshals for the consular courts in Japan and — China, Siam, and Turkey, including loss by exchange, seven thousand seven hundred dollars. ~ Interpreters, For interpreters, guards, and other expenses at the consulates at Cou- °°°·· m T¤*k°Y· stantinople, Smyrna, Candia, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Beirut, in the Turk- ' ish dominions, three thousand dollars. L<>¤¤ by¤¤¤h¤·¤g<>· · For loss by exchange on consular service, ten thousand dollars.