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208 FORTY»F()URTH CONGRESS. Sess. L OH. 307, 308. 1876. district, which shell be valid and right in other respects up to the day ou which the new ofhice shall go into operation, be, and the same are ' · hereby confirmed. Approved, August 15, 1876. _ . Aug. 15, 1876. CHAP. 308.-An act to provide for the sale of s portion of the reservation of the con· ———————;— federated Otoe and Missouria. and the Sac and Fox of the Missouri Tribes of In- P(m p 282_ dinns in the States of Kansas and Nebraska,. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United B£;‘E?fa“fgS01;’Q;j States of America, in Congress assembled, That, with the consent of the tim, mKm,m and Otoe and Missouria tribes of Indians expressed in open council, the Nebraska. may be Secretary of the Interior is authorized to cause to ie surveyed the reser- · surveyed. vntion of said Indians lying in the States of Kansas and Nebraska. T0 M ¤1>p¢¤i¤¤d·` Sec. 2. That the lends so surveyed shall be appraised by three mm. I missiouers, one of whom shall be designated by said Indians in open . council, and the` other two by the Secretary of the Interior. Pm *0 be Sold Sec. 3. That after the survey and appraisement `of said lands, the f" °“°h· Secretary oi' the Interior shall be, and is hereby, authorized to offer one hundred and twenty thousand acres from the western side of the same » for sale, through the United States public land-oflice, at Beatrice, Ne- . braska, for cash to actual settlers only, in tracts not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres to each purchaser: Provided, That if, in the ‘ judgment of the Secretary of the Interior, it shall be more advantageous

Mny be sold ori to sell said lands upon deferred payments, he may, with the consent of

‘““°· the Indians expressed in open council, dispose of the sameupou the following terms. as to payments, that is to say, one-third in cash, one- ` third in one year, and one-third in two years from date of sale, with interest at the rate of six per centum per annum: And provédedfumther, Price- That no portion of said land shall be sold at less than the appraised value thereof) and in no case less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre. Disposition of S100. 4. That the proceeds of said sale shall be placed to the credit of 1‘”°°°°d°· said Indians in the Treasury of the United States, and bear interest at —‘1"*°» P- 187- the rate of five per centum per annum which income shall be expended for the beneit of said tribes under direction -0f the Secretary of the nterior. Pay of appmis- Sec. 5. That the commissioners for the appmisement of said lands °*" · shall be paid for their services at the rate of five dollars per day while actually employed, and their actual expenses; which sum, together · with the cost of survey, and all other necessary incidental expenses of the execution of this act, shall be paid from the money realized by the s sale of said lands. b P?" and **0**** SEO. 6. That certified copies of the plats and field-notes of said lands °° “‘ when surveyed shall be prepared under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, and kept in the land-office at Beatrice, Nebraska, to be used as other pinoiai plats and notes; and the register and the receiver Fees. shall be allowed such fees only for the sale of said lands as are now authorized by law in ease of sales of public lands of the United States, to be paid out of the moneys arising from the sale thereof. S¤<>_w¤<i_Fo>;(f¢¤- SEG, 7. That whenever the Sac and Fox of the Missouri tribe Of In-

 §';bm;‘]; dians shall, in open council in the usual manner, express their consent

may be mm on thereto, the Secretary of the Interior shall be, and hereby is, authorized, same terms. in like manner and upon the same terms prescribed in the preceding sec- _ tions of this act, to cause to be offered for sale sm portion of their reservation lying in the States of Kansas and Nebraska, not exceeding in quantity ton sections of land to be taken from the western portion thereof'; and the proceeds arising therefrom shall be used for the benefit of said tribe as the Secretary of the Interior may direct. · MILTON SAYLEB.,

 Speaker of zhe House of Representatives pro tempofc.

T. W. FERRY President q/'the Senafe pro tempore