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388 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 111. 1877. ratus lor receiving-ships ; and for the payment of labor in equipping vessels, and manuiacture of articles in the several navy-yards, nine hundred and seventy thousand dollars: Provided, That one hundred thousand dollars of the above sum shall be available for and be expended by the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing for provisions which sum shall be immediately available. Contingent o x - For contingent expenses of the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, P°¤ °°· namely: For expenses of recruiting and fitting up receivin g-ships, freight ·and transportation of stoves, transportation of enlisted men, printing, advertising, telegraphin g, books and models, stationery, express charges, internal alterations, iixtures, and appliances in equipment-buildings at 11avy—yards, foreign postage, car-tickets, ierriage, and ice, apprehension of deserters, assistance to vessels in distress, continuous-service certihcates and good-conduct badges for enlisted men, including purchase of school-books for training-ships, sixty-five thousand dollars. BUREAU OF YARDS AND DOOKS. M¤i¤t¤¤¤¤>¤=<> of For general maintenance of yards and docks, namely: For freight and Y°“d“ *****1 d°°kS· transportation of materials and stores; printing, stationery, and advertising, including the commandants’ office; books, models, maps, and drawing; purchase and repair of tire-engines, machinery, and patentrights to use the same; repairs on steam-engines, and attendance on the same ; purchase and maintenance of oxen and horses, and driving teams, carts, and timber-wheels for use in the nav y-yards, and tools and repairs of the same; postage and telegrams; furniture for Government houses and offices in the navy-yards; coal and other fuel; candles, oil, and gas; cleaning and clearing up yards, and care of public buildings; attendance on fires; lights; Iireengines and apparatus; incidental labor at navy- , yards; water-tax, and for toll and ierriages; pay of the watchmen in the navy—yards ; and for awnings and packing-boxes, four hundred and forty thousand dollars. e0,,m,g,,¤4; Bx- For contingent expenses that may arise at navyyards and stations, penses. twenty thousand dollars. Naval Asylum. At the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: For superintendent, six hundred dollars; steward, four hundred and eighty dollars; matron, three hundred and sixty dollars; cook, two hundred and forty dollars; assistant cook, one hundred and sixty-eigl1t dollars; chief t laundress, one hundred and ninety-two dollars; three lauudresses, at one hundred and sixty-eight dollars each; eight scrubbers and waiters, at one hundred and sixtyeight dollars each; six laborers, at two hundred and forty dollars each ; stablekcepcr and driver, three hundred and sixty dollars; master-atarms, four hundred and eighty dollars; corporal, three hundred dollars; barber, three hundred and sixty dollars; carpenter, eight hundred and forty-five dollars; furnaces, grates, and ranges, three hundred dollars; water-rent and gas, one thousand eight hundred dollars; increase of library and car-tickets, two hundred and fifty dollars; furniture and repairing of the same, five hundred dollars; cemetery and burial expenses, headstones and digging graves, three hundred and fifty dollars; repairs and preservation, one thousand dollars; and for support of benonciaries, forty thousand dollars; in all, fifty-two thousand nine hundred and seventy-three dollars; which sum shall be paid out of the income from the naval pension fund BUREAU OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY. Surgeons’ neces- For support of the medical department, for surgeons’ necessaries for ¤¤ri¢¤- vessels in commission, navy-yards, naval stations, Marine Corps, and Coast Survey, thirty thousand dollars. Repairs. For necessary repairs of naval laboratory, hospitals, and appendages, including roads, vlharves, out-houses, steam-heating apparatus, sidewalks, fences, gardens and farms, cemeteries, furniture, head-marks for graves, twenty thousand dollars.