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478 ronrxrouarn conennss. sms. 1. err. 275. 1876. Georgia, oontin- To Sarah Ann Black, one hundred and thirty three dollars and sev-

        • 6- enty five cents.

To Allen Blanks, seven hundred and forty dollars. To Benjamin F. Bolding, seven hundred and seventy-eight dollars and seventyfive cents. To Peter Bolton, two hundred and thirty-one dollars. To Elizabeth Bullard, widow of William Bullard, deceased, two hundred and twenty-eight dollars and nity cents. To Patsey Campbell, one hundred dollars To Elias Carell, two hundred and sixty-three dollars and ufty cents. To Joe Clark, eight hundred and five dollars. To Rebecca S. Cleghorn, two thousand dollars. To Elisha Cochran, two hundred and eighty-three dollars and seventy- five cents. To Jeremiah Cordell, one hundred and ten dollars. To John Crawford, twenty-six dollars. To Prince Cummings, ninety-tive dollars. To Richard Cummings, one hundred and ten dollars. To Gary Davis, eight hundred and twenty-ninc dollars. To William S. Dickert, eight hundred dollars. To Constantine M. Dodson, four hundred and fifteen dollars. To- Toney Elliott, one hundred and twenty-Eve dollars. To Hannah Ellison, two hundred dollars. To A. A. Fletcher, executor of the estate of Henry G. Cole, deceased, four thousand three hundred and seventy-tive dollars. To Mary Geil, widow and administratrix of the estate of Jacob Geil, deceased, two hundred and eighty four dollars. To William W. Gilbert, one hundred and eighty-tive dollars. To William M. Glover, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Mary Gordon, one thousand two hundred and thirty-three dollars and sixty cents. To Henry Gore, six hundred and fifty dollars. To William M. Graham, eight hundred and ninety-six dollars. To Meshach Green, seven hundred and forty-five dollars. _ To Churchwell O. Hale, six hundred and forty-tour dollars. To William Harpe, one hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To John Hawkins, seven hundred and eighty-nine dollars and twenty- tive cents. _ To Stephen Haywood, one hundred and twenty-uve dollars. To J eptha Head, two hundred and nine dollars. To Thomas G. Healy, one thousand one hundred and fifteen dollars. To Hartford Henly, seven hundred and eighty-seven dollars. To Thomas M. Hogan, thirty dollars. To Thomas Hollis, one hundred and eighty dollars. To Hosea Hopkins, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Pinckney F. Howell, six hundred and thirty dollars. To James Hunsecker, five hundred and thirty-three dollars. To Cato Jackson, fifty dollars, balance due him on award on first report. » To Caesar Johnson, one hundred and eightyhve dollars. To Naomi Johnson, four hundred and thirty-three dollars. To Rosanna Jones, seventy-six dollars and fifty cents. To Elisha Kelly, one thousand and seven dollars. To Julia McCoy, widow of Francis K. McCoy, deceased, three hundred and fourteen dollars. To Lucy Mclver, eightydive dollars. To Price McNair, two hundred and twenty-ive dollars. To James Maxwell, sixty-tive dollars. To Simon Middleton, one hundred and eighteen dollars and twenty cents. To James Miiflin, one hundred dollars.