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70 SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 51. 1800. _'1‘ime ofmeet- Sec. 8, And be it farther enacted, That the general assembly shall

’;§ ;;*;b§;“°‘ meet at least once in every year, and such meeting shall be on the first

`Monday of December, unless they shall by law appoint a different day: Provided, that the governor shall have power on extraordinary occasions to convene the general assembly. Adjournment Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That neither house during the ses-

  • h¤*¤°£ sion of the general assembly shall, without the consent of the other, ad.

journ for more than three days, nor to any other place than that in which the two houses shalllpe sitting.d Th h H b 1 f I The commis. Sec. I0. And be it urt er enacte , at it s a e aw u for the ¤i¤n¤r¤ ¤f the commissioners appointgl, or who may hereafter be appointed on the part g‘;;f°gmE?f;’t_ of the United States, in pursuance of the act, intituled "An act for an tie with Georgia amicable settlement of limits with the state of Georgia; and authorizing byAp;p;p¤p37i;§· the espabgshmgntdcff a govpnipent in the Mississipppl territory," or any

  • * two 0 them, n to set e y compromise wit the commissioners,

°h` 2S' which have been orymay be appointed by the state of Georgia, any claims mentioned in said act, and to receive in behalf of the United States a cession of any lands therein mentioned, or of the jurisdiction thereof, on Thqy may in. such terms as to them shall appear reasonable: and also, that the said

 i¤i§<>_ gis commissioners on the part of the United States, or any two of them, be

vida5s_" t“ " auttporized to inqpire into the lclaims which are or shpllhbe made by set ers or an other persons w atsoever, to an part o the a oresaid lands, and to iieceive from such settlers and claimants any propositions of compromise which may be made by them, and lay a full statement of the claims and the propositions which may be made to them by the settlers or claimants to any part of the said lands, together with their opi- _ nion thereon, before Congress, for their decision thereon, as soon as may P¤>v¤¤¤¤¤· be; Provided, that the settlement shall be made and completed before the folprctjh pay of March, one thousand eight hundred and three: And provide a s0,t at the said commissioners shall not contract for the a - ment of any money from the treasury of the United States to the diaile of Georgia, other than the proceeds of ·the same lands. Aprnovnn, May 10, 1800. Srarurr. I. __ MHY Wi l800· CHAP. Ll.—An tlct in addition to the act intituled **An act to rohibit the carr -

 ing gp §}tc Slave Yhade from the United States to any foreign place or coug-

2s, ISO3,cl1. 10. ’9· a {§g7°*`%l°5;h 2» Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the P,,“’,f,y`0n ém_ United States ty" America in Congress assembled, That it shall be unions having an lawful for any citizen of the United States, or other person residing

m*°;;l**;0'§;· within the United States, directly or indirectly to hold or have any right

in tha 21,,);,8 or property in any vessel employed or made use of in the transportation trade. or carrying of slave from one foreign country or place to another, and pn); pigptdor property, belonging as aforesaid, shall be forfeited, and may e i e e an condemned for the use of the erson who shall sue for the same; and such person, transgressing the lbrohibition aforesaid, shall also forfeit and pay a sum of money equal to double the value of the right or property in such vessel, which he held as aforesaid; and shall also fprfeit a sum pfdmoney equal to double the value of the interest which e may ave 1a in the slaves, which at an time ma have been transported or carried in such vessel, after the pagsing of this act, and against the form thereofi Penaltyonciti- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be unlawful for

   “‘ any citizen of the United States or other person residing therein, to

serve on board any vessel of the United States employed or made use of in the transportation or carrying of slaves from one foreign country or place to another; and any such citizen or other person, voluntarily

(a) Soc act of March 22, 1794, chap. 11, and notes, Vol. i. 347.