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SIXTH CONGRESS. Ssss. II. Ch. 24. 1801. 115 Siznumz II. CHAP. XXIV.-An Aci supplementary lo the act intituled “An act concerning the March 3, 1801. District of Calumbia.”(a) SEc·r10N 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives 27, i90h¢h· 15- ef the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the cir- ch1;$:f;;°;°h° cuit courts for the district of Columbia shall be and they arc hereby ' invested with the same power respecting constablcs, inspectors, and the inspection of tobacco and Hour, surveyors, mills, highways and ferries, for the county of Alexandria, as have heretofore been vested in the county courts of the commonwealth of Virginia; and for the county of Washington, the same power and authority as have been heretofore cxercised by the county and levy courts of the state of Maryland; with power to appoint to all other cflices necessary for the said district, under the laws of the respective states of Maryland and Virginia. And all Fees of ccr— oiiccrs for whom no special provision is made by this act, or the act to tim °Hi°°"“ °f which this is a supplement, shall receive the same fees and emoluments t 8 tummy' as they have respectively received under the jurisdiction of the respective states. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all indictments shall run Form of iiiin the name of the United States, and conclude, against the peace and ·ii¤¢¤¤¤¤¤=- government thereof And all fines penalties and forfeitiires accruing Mode cfm under the laws of the states of Maryland and Virginia, which by ad0p— covering mid tion have become the laws of this district, shall be recovered with costs, diS¤*ibP¥i<>¤ °*` by indictment or information in the name of the United States, or by P°"°m°S' action of debt, in the name of the United States and of the informer; unc half of which finc shall accrue to the United States, and the other half to the informer; and the said fines shall be collected by or paid to the marshal, and one half thereof shall be by him paid over to the board of commissioners herein after established, and the other half to the infbrmer; mid the marshal shall have the same power regarding their collection, mid be subject to the same rules and regulations as to the payment there0£ as the sheriffs of the respective states of Maryland and Virginia are subject no in relation to the same. Sm:. 3. And be it further enacted, That all felonies committed with— Punishment0f in the county of Alexandria shall be punished in the same manner qs *`¤1¤¤i°=- such crimes were punishable by the laws of Virginia, as they existed prior to the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six; and the circuit court for the said county of Alexandria shall possess and exercise Jmsdicm,,,0; the same powers and jurisdiction, civil zmd criminal, as is now possessed che circuitcqurt and exercised by the district courts of Virginia. R"' *°*l°‘“"d”"· Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the magistrates, to be ap- Magistrawsto pointed for the said district, shall be and they are hereby constituted ax form zi board pf board of commissioners within their respective counties, and shall pos- °°mm‘“‘ sess and exercise the same powers, perform the same duties, receive the ` same fees and cmoluments, as the levy courts or commissioners of county {br the state of Maryland possess, perform and receive; and the clerks and collectors, to be by them appointed, shall be subject to the same laws, perform the snmc duties, possess the same powers, and receive the same fees and cmolumtants as the clcrks and collectors of the county tax of the state of Maryland arc entitled to receive. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the clerks of the cir- Duties and cuit court shall, within their respective districts, be bound to perform §;°1“;‘;’l£ gg the same duties, respecting the recording of deeds and all other services, courw and shall receive the same fees and cmcluments for the same (except in Act of Feb. those cases provided for in the ninth section of the act to which this is 27>18°1¤ °h‘ I5' El supplement) as are now performed and received by the clerks of the counties of the respective states of Maryland and Virginia. (a) Sec notes to act of February 27, 1801, chap. I5.