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138 SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 5. 1802. mv, ludgc ¥°· fully to equip, officer, man, and employ such of the armed vessels oflthe ‘l;‘§;fu0';‘Q:,,·:l;; United States as may be judged requisite by the Presulent of the United gommerce sud States, for protecting eflectually the oommeroe and seamen thereof on ¤°¤m°9 0** *h° the Atlantic ocean, the Mediterranean and adgoming scas. 1‘eIugl;h° and Sec. 2. And be it farther enacted, That it Shall be lawful for the jletsrinphss- President of the United States to instruct the commanders of the re- '“i'°X Md Pm speotive public vessels aforesaid, to subdue, seize and meke prize of sn §°z*:;;`°° °“th°r` vessels, goods and effects, belonging to the Bey of Tnpoli, or to his Captured ves. subjects, and to bring or send the same mto port, to be proceeded ¤°l¤ *°_ b° against, and distributed according to law; end also to cause to be dom l;;°;Zgh;nl;"°;m_ all such other acts of precaution or hostility as the state of wor wil) eseds of prizes justify, and may, in his opinion, require. _ di¤¤i¤¤¤<=d- Sm. 3. And be it jnrther enacted, That on the application of the ¢<>m¤»i¤si<>¤e owners of private armed vessels of the United States, the President of Q§“{,‘fi,;'Ql"Qk the United States may grant to them special commissions, in the form private armed which he shall direct, under the seal of the United States; and such '°¤S°l¤- private armed vessels, when so commissioned, shall have the like im. thority for subduing, seizing, taking, and bringing into port, any Tripolitan vessel, goods or eifects, as the before-mentioned public armed vessels may bylaw have; and shall therein be subject to the instructions which may be given by the President of the United States for the regulation of their conduct; and their commissions shall he revocable at his pleasure. Provided, that before any commission shall be granted, as aforesaid, the owner or owners of the vessel for which the same may be Bonds of the requested, and the commander thereof, for the time being, shall give ?;:§;:“‘l§°’,;: bond to the United States, with at least two responsible sureties, not pmvicusyy interested in such vessel, in the penal sum of seven thousand dollars ; sivvn- or, if such vessel be provided with more than one hundred and fifty men, in the penal sum of fourteen thousand dollars, with condition for observing the treaties and laws of the United States, and the instructions which may be given, as aforesaid; and also, for satisfying all damages and injuries which shall be done, contrary to the tenor thereof, by such commissioned vessel ; and for delivering up the commission, when revoked by the President of the United States. Cnpturcd pro- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That any Tripolitan vessel, goods

81::31 Egg or encore, which shall be so captured and brought into port by any pridi,,mb.,m ac. vute armed vessel of the United States, duly commissioned, as aforesaid,

¤¤>¤li¤z W may be adjudged good prize, and thereupon shall accrue to the owners “g'°““‘°"°" and officers, and men of the capturing vessel, and shall be distributed according to the agreement which shall have been made between them, or, in failure of such agreement, according to the discretion of the court having cogmzance of the capture. Reriod fm- Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the seamen may be engaged wlucll;. seumcg to serve in the navy of the United States for a period not exceeding

,°c°ng°g° two years; but the President may discharge the same sooner if in his

• 7 judgment, their services may be dispensed with. Approved, February 6, 1802. S·r.u·m·n I. FE?, 1802- Cmlv. V.-—-An Act extending the privilege of franking and receiving letters, free of postage, to any person admitted, or to be admitted to take a seat in Congress, as a delegate; and providing compensation for such delegate. B91E;;';;?)? Be it enacted by tlte Slenate and House cy" Representatives of the ccmng mms Unztecl States of Amerzea in Congress assembled, That any person adfres of postage muted, or who may hereafter be admitted to take a seat in Congress, L; ls*;h*;2;J:=d as a delegate, shall enjoy the privilege of sending and receiving letters, from ,8,,,,,,),,,,,, free of postage, on the same terms, and under the same restrictions, as to Congress. are provided for the members of the Senate and of the House of Repre- '1`¤'°·"€ll¤¤z GX- sentatnves of the United States, by the act, intituled "An act to estab-