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148 SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16, 17, 19. I802. Srnvrr: I. APA] 37 1g0g_ (_lHAP:XVI:·—-.£h Act_niaking upprqprirzlion for drfraying Hua expense of a mg, —— Halton wrt/1 Me Bnlzah ggwergment, Z0 ascertain the boundary lzne between the United States and Upper ana a. [Obsolete.] Specinc ap· Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the P’°P"““°“ f°' United States of America in Convress assembled, That a sum not ex. the expenses of . ’° · . establishing me ceeding ten thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, bvlmdury line payable out of any money in the treasury HOC Ptll€l’W1St3 appropriated, g2:;:°:ng‘8UU; to defray the expense which shall be incurred in negotiating with the pc, Canada_ P government of Great Britain, for ascertaining and establishing the boon. dary line between the United States and the British province of Upper Qanada; when the President of the United States shall deem it expediem to commence such negotiation. Avrnovno, April 3, 1802. Srnrvrr: I. -——-—·· April 3, 1802. Cntr. XYII.-.4n Jlcl rnalring an approprialiartfor defraying the expenses which "‘"——* may ansefrom eawyzngzizto of act the convention made between the United States [Obsolete.] and the French Republic. SD$=¤i_*i·= ¤p— Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represmtatives of the United Pr°p"‘"’°"‘ States of America in Congress assembled, That for the payment of such demands as may be justly due for French vessels and property captured and which must be restored or paid for, pursuant to the conventiod between the United States and the French republic, there be appropriated at sum not exceeding three hundred and eighteen thousand dollars, to be paid, under the direction of the President of the United States, out of any public money in the treasury, not otherwise appropriated. Approved, April 3, 1802. Srnurz I. -—- April 6, 1802. Cntr. XlX.—An Act to repeal Ike Internal Taxes. [0l>¤<>l¤t¤-l Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the n p•¤D9¤l ¤f$h<= United States ry' America in Congress assembled, That from and after dma the thirtieth day of June next, the internal duties on stills and domestic things mer 30th distilled spirits, on refined sugars,licenses to retailers, sales at auction, June: 190% carriages for the conveyance of persons, and stamped vellum,parchment and paper, shall be discontinued, and all acts and parts of acts relative thereto shall, from and after the said thirtieth day of June next, be rehProvision¤ or pealed: Provided, that for the recovery and receipt of such duties as

°°i;’€ agsfssgl shall have accrued, and on the day aforesaid remain outstanding, and

wm, respect to for the payment of drawbacks or allowances on the exportation of any th; recovery or of the said spirits or sugars legally entitled thereto, and for the recovery gughnxgthebe and distribution of lines, penalties, and forfeitures, and the remission m' thereof, which shall have been incurred before and on the said day, the The cme 0,- provisions of the aforesaid acts shall remain in full force and virtue. superintendent Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the office of superintendent

  • é“;“n%°£L>§L· of stamps shall cease and be discontinued from and after the thirtieth

.1-,,; mmmisj day oil Atpril, one thousand eight hundred and two; after which day the sinner of rcve- commissioner of the revenue shall perform all the duties bylaw enjoined

 Peggm on the said superintendent of stamps, which may be required in pursu—

und,,,",,, up unceof this act; that the office of collectors of the internal duties shall Collectors of continue in each collection district, respectively, until the collection of

‘;’;°{_;°lcg;*: the duties above mentioned shall have been completed in such district,

tim,,,,, lun their and no longer, unless sooner discontinued by the President of the United collections are States, who shall be and hereby is empowered, whenever the collection f£‘l;O?;€1_ 3:;: of the said duties shall have been so far completed in any district as to cantinued by render, m his opinion, that measure expedient, to discontinue any of the the President. said collectors, and to unite into one collection district any two or more