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Specific appropriations.For compensation to the marshals of the district of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Kentucky, East and West Tennessee, one thousand two hundred dollars.

For the payment of sundry pensions granted by the late government, nine hundred dollars.

For carrying into effect the act of Congress, of the third of February, one thousand eight hundred and two, relative to the officers and crew of the United States schooner Enterprise, one thousand seven hundred and nineteen dollars.

For payment of the annuity granted to the children of the late Colonel John Harding and Major Alexander Trueman, by an act of Congress passed the fourteenth of May, one thousand eight hundred, six hundred dollars.

For payment of the annual allowance to the invalid pensioners of the United States, for their pensions from the fifth of March, one thousand eight hundred and two, to the fourth of March, one thousand eight hundred and three, ninety-three thousand dollars.

For the maintenance and support of lighthouses, beacons, buoys, and public piers, and stakeage of channels, bars and shoals, and for occasional improvement in the construction of lanterns and lamps, and materials used therein, and other contingent expenses, including commissions to the superintendents of the said lighthouses, at two and a half per centum, forty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-one dollars and forty-four cents.

For the discharge of such miscellaneous demands against the United States, not otherwise provided for, as shall have been admitted in due course of settlement at the treasury, and which are of a nature, according to the usage thereof, to require payment in specie, four thousand dollars.

For defraying the contingent expenses of government, twenty thousand dollars.

For defraying the expenses of taking the second enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States, in addition to the appropriation heretofore made for that object, twenty thousand dollars.

For defraying the expenses incident to the purchase or erection of certain warehouses and stores for the reception of goods,1799, ch. 12. wares and merchandise, under the “Act respecting quarantine and health laws,” passed the twenty-fifth of February, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine, sixty-nine thousand and twenty-six dollars and twelve cents.

For the expenses of intercourse with foreign nations, sixty-four thousand and fifty dollars.

For the salaries of the commissioners under the seventh article of the treaty of amity, commerce and navigation, between the United States and Great Britain, including contingent expenses, twenty-four thousand and sixty-six dollars and sixty-seven cents.

For salaries to the agents of the United States, in London and Paris, expenses of prosecuting claims and appeals in the courts of Great Britain, in relation to captures of American vessels, and defending causes elsewhere, twenty-nine thousand dollars.

For salary of an agent in London for the relief and protection of American seamen, and contingent expenses to be incurred therein; and for relieving seamen elsewhere, fifteen thousand dollars.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the several appropriations herein before made, shall be paid and discharged out of the fund of six hundred thousand dollars1790, ch. 34. reserved by the act “making provision for the debt of the United States,” and out of any money which may be in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

Approved, May 1, 1802.