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fail to make return and report as aforesaid, of such fines as he shall be unable to collect by reason of the causes aforesaid, or shall make a false return and report of the same, the whole amount of the same shall be recovered of said collector, in like manner as if he had actually collected the same.Fines not paid, how recoverable.
Collector to give bond and security.
And should any person so charged with fines, fail to make payment when called on, the collector is hereby authorized to make distress and sale therefor. The collector shall immediately after his appointment, and before he shall proceed to his collection, give bond and security for the faithful performance of his duty, in such penalty as the court of inquiry may think proper.

Fines to be a fund for salaries of officers, musicians, &c. also for furnishing the necessary equipage, &c.
Paymaster of the legion shall settle his accounts one in three months.
Shall give bond and security.
Two and an half per centum allowed on disbursements.
Sec. 23. And be it further enacted, That the fines thus paid into the hands of the paymaster by virtue of this act, shall be held as a fund for defraying the salaries of the officers and other persons herein mentioned, and the maintenance and instruction, and pay of musicians, and of equipping and furnishing the militia with standards and musical instruments, and uniforms in certain cases, with every other thing necessary; to be adjudged and determined by the legionary courts of inquiry, and all accounts passed by the said court, and certified by the lieutenant-colonel commandant, shall be sufficient to authorize the paymaster to pay the same; the paymaster shall keep a regular account of all monies received and disbursed by him on account of the legion, and shall once in every three months, render his accounts, and settle with the court of inquiry. The paymaster shall give bond and security, to be approved of by the court of inquiry, for the faithful performance of his duty, and shall be subject to the same mode of recovery for delinquency as is herein prescribed in the case of a delinquent collector, and shall be allowed a commission of two and an half per centum on the several sums by him disbursed.

President authorized to call forth the militia on an invasion, &c.
And to appoint certain officers with pay.
Sec. 24. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United States be authorized and empowered, on an invasion, or insurrection, or probable prospect thereof, to call forth such a number of militia, and from such county, and in such manner, whether by routine of duty or otherwise, as he may deem proper; and for the accommodation, equipment and support of the militia, so at any time to be called forth, the President of the United States may appoint such quartermasters, commissaries, and other staff, as to him shall seem proper, and to fix their pay and allowances, and shall also take such measures for procuring, transporting and issuing all orders which may be necessary. Orders for the militia to be called forth as aforesaid, shall be sent to the commanding officer of the district of Columbia, with a notification of the place or places of rendezvous, who shall immediately take measures for detaching the same, with the necessary number and ranks of officers, by detail and rotation of duty or otherwise, as he may be ordered. Whenever any militia shall be called forth into actual serviceMilitia when called forth, how governed.
Courts martial.
Pay and rations of the militia.
Power of the commanding officer of the district, in case of invasion or insurrection.
as aforesaid, they shall be governed by the articles of war, which govern the troops of the United States. And courts martial shall be held as therein are directed, to be composed of militia officers only, for the trial of any person, in the militia, but to the cashiering of any officer, or capital punishment of any person, the approbation of the President of the United States shall be necessary; and when any militia shall be in actual service, they shall be allowed the same pay and rations as are allowed by law to the militia of the United States. If a sudden invasion shall be made into either county in this district, or in case of an insurrection in either county, the commanding officer of the militia of the district, or of such county, is hereby authorized and required to order out the whole or such part of the militia, as he may think necessary, and in such manner as he may think best, for repelling or suppressing such invasion or insurrection; and shall call on the commanding officers of the adjacent counties for such aid as he may think necessary, who shall forthwith and in like