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232 SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 27. 1803. before the first day of January, eighteen hundred and live, shall entitle Promo that the party to become u purchaser of such tract of land: Provided, that riccivtsfvrvvr- he shall, prior to the iirst day of January, eighteen hundred and six, also

’,,Q§§;Q§f‘°Y be produce a receipt from the treasurer of the United States, or from the

receiver of public monies, for et least one fourth part of the purchase money, and also for the psyment of the surveying expenses; and the party shall, upon payment m full of the purchase money, on which, if any of the three last payments shall be made in advance, he shall be allowed the same discount allowed in similar cases by this act, be entitled to receive a patent, which shall issue in like manner, and on payment of the same fees as are provided by this act for the other lands of the United States; but if such person shall neglect to enter his certificate, on or before the first day of January, eighteen hundred and (ive, or to make such first payment as above provided; his right of pre-emption Pmviso. shall cease and become void: Provided also, and it is further enacted, b°R;*§S;“::a$° that whenever a tract of land to which any person might be entitled by Wm claims_virtue of the three first sections of this act, shall also be claimed by mq, holder of a British patent, legally and fully executed, and duly recorded in conformity to the provisions of this act, who is not confirmed in his claim by the articles of agreement above mentioned, the commissioners shall, in the certificate granted to the person claiming the land by virtue of this act, state the existence of the adverse claims, in which case the pertty shall notdbet engined. to e patent, upless he shag. hevc oibtained in is avoura gu 1013 ecrsion m a court mvm urls rction therein, and ceg:¥l:w;<> dai: for every certificate so granted by the boardsgriespectively, the clerk of lm for every the board granting the samehshall be entitled to demand and receive of certificate. the party tollwglirzm thegaipe is grangedéthe slpm of two dollars. commission- Sec. 7. n cit rtzercnacte , hat the commissioners aforesaid xstgléaéiggag shall, on or before the first day of December, one thousand eight huncmm T;e,_sury’: dred and four, make to the Secretary of the Treasury, a full report of all the British grants legally and fully executed, which have been duly recorded in conformity to the provisions of this act, the title of which is not confirmed to the holders thereof, b the articles of a reement above mentioned, stating the present situatign af the lands, tge date of such grants, the conditions annexed thereto, and how far the same have been fulfilled, together with such other remarks thereon as they may think Iailgiizgtctgoze proper; which report shall be laid before Congress at their next session, gms. and the lands contained in such grants shall not be otherwise disposed of} until the end of one year after that time. pneoniinned Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That so much of the five millions iEg;‘l‘“’ P'°“d°d of aores reserved for that purpose by the articles of agreement above mentioned, as may be necessary to satisfy the claims not contirmed by that agreement, which are embraced by the two first sections of this act, or which may be derived from British grants for lands which have not been regranted by the Spanish government, be, and the same is hereby Epproppeted {'pr that purpose; and so much of the residue of the said ve mi ions 0 acres or of the nett proceeds thereof as ma be neces-

ary for thztt purpose, shall be, and is hereby appropriated, for the purpose of satisfying, quieting and compensating, for such other claims to

the lands of the United States south of the state of Tennessee, not recognized m the above-mentioned articles of agreement, and which are proviso, that derived from any act or pretended act of the state of Georgia, which my mam; shan Congress may hereafter think Ht to provide for; provided,however, that l>° °¤¤b*·‘*¤°d PY no other claims shall be embraced by this appropriation but those the the npproprm- · - ’ ’ mm in this an evidence of which shall here, on or before the first day of January next, pzgggh have po; been €Xhib1ted by the cltumants to the Secretary of State, and recorded béfbrcPE;°¤5;=St in books to be kept m his office for that purpose, at the expense of the °,·hmwy_ party exhibiting the same, who shall pay to the person employed by the 1804. Secretary of State for recording the same, at the rate of twelve and an