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qc!) EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 18. 1804, - ·h or French revister and belcn . _ gagged of and sailing under a Spams ,,_ , g ‘°*m°l° gl E; on ***8 *~“’°"‘*“" day °€ "°°°`£"fi"2’“3$“°$2??Zl,°$€1E52Z’é`,fZ‘} 122 zens of the Uni- ti `n to be on w 0 y 0 y* . l wg- Sm? l°` Ulrli?£dmS(lall;;l th; rgesiding within the terntorws ceded tp the Umm; Zi mg isdrgiiri States by gbekreaty of the thirtieth of Apr1l0§@th01p?nd eiight hundred inhabiting the ’ b t the United States and the thHG €p\1_ 10, or_to any

       Ol] the said     Of April, an ]n}l3b'|•

Smes by tant or inhabitants of the said ceded temt0r1es,·and who qormymc F””°*’·°”‘**‘°d to reside therein and of which the master is u cmzen of the Ummd

,?g; States, or an inhabitant as aforesaid, may be registered, enrolled and

Um Mme *· M “*3“"§’,,P{;*‘§"”°§.iK§J5Z£"tL§“éL§fL‘égtS§¤§“§lS$i2i2: d l`ene sa eeno . ?>l`llhg€UrliledcSt;tes, and entitled to the benefits granted by anylaw of Pmvisc, that me United States to ships or vessels therepf lirpvgcged, gba; it shall the collector hom a rea ron s a ma e or a cerb l f l l` r the collector to w _ pp _ §Q§Lg¤??Ei§;t°r` ,5;;;:; of gegistry, enrolment or license for such ship'or vessel by any form of the citizen or inhabitant as aforesaid, to make such variations m the forms °‘“*“> &°·» ‘° rh yiicates and licenses, as shall render them applicable w niikcsrthim al? illslgsza hirgiii lintended to be provided for: And provided also, that ica e o is · S . - · · · M WY wh *“"“"“°"‘ “"""*‘Fg “ “f‘€’°“"‘1“`“"1}"L'i?¤2`IJ"T,}"3E’$€n‘§2` titled to receive such certn xcate o regis ery, nr , _ , deposit with the collector, the regrsteri and dother tplapers Ender}; wh;;}; h' essel had been navigate · an a so a e an su scm e, 0¤¢k vfappli- Ziggy; tig, Zlglleemr (who is hereby authbrrzed to administer the same) °°"t' the following oath: I, A. B., do swear (Or aflirmk that I w1ll be lliitliful and bear true allegiance to the United States of menca, and that I_ do entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity t0_ every foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty. whatever, and partwularly to the · k` f Sand the French Republic. _ _ _ ttrlsmblgiellntilecil IDS?:;::). 2.pjdIdd be it jiertluzr enacted, That the 111h·ab·1tants of the said ¤’i*°*Y ’€sid°“*¤ ceded territory who were residents thereof on the thrrtreth day of April, gwisoléiig *2;*2 one thousand eight hundred and three, who shall take the oath aforetitlsdi ¤¤_ l¤¤r· said, and who continue to reside therein, or citizens of the United States “‘l“ °°"d‘“‘¥“?· residents of said ceded territory, shall be entitled to all the benefits and i2 lhsjcpndh privileges of owning ships or vessels of the United States, to all intents cgnirig ehips, and purposes, as if they were resident citizens of the United States. &°· ° uw Uni' Arrnovan February 25 1804. ted States. ’ ’ Srnurn L M h 3, 1804. C . XVIII.-.071 .0::15 or the relief of certain military vpcnaioners in the slate ——ili-—··-—-——- HAP f of South Carolina. Certain mili- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives cfthe United

        • 7 P°“°l°"°{° States of America in Congress assembled, That the persons to w om

ggizugg military pensions have been heretofore granted and paid by the state of on the boldks of South Carolina, in pursuance of the resolves of the United States in conthe W'?' °m°°» gress assembled, for the payment of pensions to the mvalrds who were ';l`}‘l,l:°`;i,,';,:i°n_ wounded and disabled during the late war vg-th Gfrelat grrtaxp, anidrvg; . have not been placed on the books m the 0 ce 0 the ecre ary 0 m department of War, shall be, and, the same hereby are directed to be placed 0n said books, and their said pensions shall be hereafter paid by the United States, in the same manner as to other pensioners of the United States, opt of me fulnds already Igplprppriatedcfor th}:;; pzplrge-of A ug te Sec. 2. And e at urt er emzcte , a in pla mg _ _ l`r<>¤1 lll; ¤°%:¢¤ pensioners on the books, pursuant to the directions contained in the °fS°“th·C§"}ll' foregoing section, the Secretary of War shall be guided by a certificate giqhglgrznycr from the state of South Carolina, lwhen the same shall be del1vered_;_0 P°"°¤ *0 *l§¤ him, under the proper authenticatrons, which certificate shall spe? y b°“°m°m"' the names of pensioners and sums of pension; and l1kewise,thatt ey