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xxx LIST OF THE PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. I Lighnhowtc on Boon Island, Buoys of Cape Fear Rover, Beacon at New Inlet, Buoys at Edgarmwn, ng Colu/nm tm Cape Elizabeth, Eearons and Buoys at Beverly Harbour. An act to erect a. light-house on Boon island in the State of Massachusetts, to place bnoys off Cape Fear river, and to erect a beacon at New Inlet, in the State of North Carolina, and to place buoys at the entrance of the harbour of Edgartown, and to erect a column of stone on Cape Elizabeth, and to complete the beacons and buoys at the entrance of Beverly harbour, in the State of Massachusetts. March 2, 1811. ... 659 Right ¢y°Su_frage extended in the Indiana Territory, @-0. An act to extend the fight of suffrage; in the Indiana territory, and for other purposes. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1811. 659 Salaries of the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia. An act to increase the salaries of the judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia. March 3, 1811 .. . . ..., 660 ./Ypproprdations to carry Indian Treaties into Eject. An act making appropriations for carry- ing into ctfect a treaty between the United States and the Great and Little Osage Nations of Indians, concluded at Fort Clarke, ou the tenth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and eight, and for other purposes. (Obsolete.) March 3, 181 1 6 ...,... . ... 660 Jppropriatinns for Fcrtyicalions. An act making further appropriations to complete the fortifications commenced for the security of the ports and harbours of the United States. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1811. .. . .. 661 Compensation ta Persons who have taken an Account of the Mamgfacturing Establishments in the United States. An act for allowing a reasonable compensation to the persons who have taken an account of the several manufacturing establishments and manufactures within the United States. March 3, 1811 . ... . . . 661 Umnberland Road. An actin addition to the act to regulate thelaying out and making rt road from Cumberland, in the State of Maryland, to the State of Ohio. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1811 ... . .. . 661 .d¢1Hu.stment of Claims to Lands, uml Sale of Lands in the Territories of Orleans and Louimma. An act providing for the final adjustment of claims to lands, and for the sale of the public lands in the territories of Orleans and Louisiana, and to repeal the act passed for the same purpose and approved February sixteenth, one thousand eight hundred and eleven. March 3, 1Sl1.. . .. . 662 Zlctzt of the Qwelftl) Qluugrszz of the llinitth Etattz. STATUTE I.-1811, 1812. CI5·a•uportatinn·¢y‘ certain, Doeummtsfrec of Postage. An act to authorize the transportation of certain documents free of postage. (Obsolete.) Nov. 18, 1811 . . .. 667 District Com-: in`the_District ¢y’Main¢. An act to alter the time of holding one of the terms of the District Court in the district of Maine. Nov. 28, 1811 .. . . . . . . . 667 Apywoprialian for the Qupparz of a Library. An act making a further appropriation for the support of at library. (Obsolete.) Dec. 6, 1811 . . 667 .Zand··o_[]Eccs in the Territory of Ot·Ze:ms·. An act extending the time for opening the several land-olhces established in the territory of Orleans. (Obsolete.) Dec. 12, 1811 668 Public Lands held by Rightaf Pre—emption. An act allowing further time for completing the pgyggloegtg pn Belgapg held by right of pre-emption, in the Mississippi territory. · - 1 . ... . .. 668 Ronda in,f%;Lo. An act to authorize the surveying and markingofcertain roads in the State 0 lo,as contemplated by the treaty of Brow 1 ,th t 't f M' h'¤ . (Obsolete.) 1166. 16, 1811 T‘?.“}T`i’T .T‘T. . E .?TT‘.?TY.‘T 1 F. .‘??}“. 668 .£pp0rlio•nme;zt iojizliegrresevntatives in Coupes; under the Third Census. An act for the apportionrnen 0 epresentatnves among the several t t , d' 1 h‘ - 1.6.6. (Obsolete.) Dec. 21,181l. .. T.???..?????.???.'.?.‘.‘E.‘..'Tf*.?f}’.‘T`.°.‘?'. 669 ”""“'Z£f;'$'l"‘13"§2'f‘16f{‘6SET.ff’F.??T‘?¥’¥?€if‘E.‘T`.°..T’T‘.?‘?‘Ti?'.T`??]}F?T¥.77‘.?‘?‘??‘}f‘}?T‘Ti ‘°T’C 669 Compawier of Rarzgns ia be mixed. An act authorizing the lfresident of the·United States to raise certain compames of rangers for the protection of the frontier of the United States. (Obsolete.) Jttn.2,181‘2... .. . . . 670