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280 EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 35. 1804. in the Indians and remain public highways;(a) and_ the several salt springs in the said

  • f,:;§;',i', Q; b° territory, together with as many contiguous sections to each, as shall bg

i,)vays_ g deemed necessary by the President of the United States, shall be reserved _$¤l¤ ¤i}¥i¤s¤. for the future disposal of the United States:_ and any grant which may

 hereafter be made for a tract of land, containing a salt spring which had

ea for the ain- been discovered previous to the purchase of such tract from the United P°S_¤l °*`¥h¤ States, shall be considered as fraudulent and null. U“éf,*;‘3_;Q§ff:,;. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the several provisions made grants of salt in favour of persons who have contracted for lands with John Cleves ¤i>$i¤s¤ ¤¤U¤¤d Symmes and his associates, by an act mtituled "An act to extend and v°}?;m,,S,0,,s in continue in force the provisions of an act intituled An act giving a favour of pnr. right of pre-emption to certain persons, who have contracted with John ghtgés ¤¤d¢r J- Cleves Symmes or his associates, for lands lying between the Miami ,,,,,,Q,§“'f?,f°,§’,';,'; rivers in the territory northwest of the Ohio, and for other purposes," till June next. shall be and the same are hereby continued in force until the first day Act °*`MeY L of June next: Provided, that the register of the land-office and receiver lS02, ch. 44. f bl- - C· . t. h H f th d t. , The ,eg,S,e,, o pu ic monies at mcinnai s a per orm e same ’u 1es, exercise and receiver of the same powers, and enjoy the same emoluments, which by the last.

        • 0 l**Pd·°£i°° recited act were enjoined on or vested in the commissioners desig.

n N:,"?;,; ',,,· nated by the said act: And provided also, that no certificate for a right pre-emption to of pre-emption shall be granted, except in favour of persons who had, b° g'*}:*°,£;v:¥· before the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred, made conggppelsons was tracts in writing with John Cleves Symmes or with any of his associates, nndh cprptracted and who had made to him or them any payment or payments of money wit 0 n . SS ' Cleves Symma', fplr the purchase of such lands, nor unle at least one twentieth part of &,,_ a,-,,,,. y,,,,_ the purchase money of the land claimed, shall have previously been paid nary 1, 1800. to the receiver of public monies, or shall be paid prior to the first day lm?:';;;; of January next. And every person who shall obtain a certificate of ,,6,,,,,,, m,,,,,,,, pre-emption, shall be allowed until the first day of January, one thousand until 1806, to eight hundred and six, to complete the payment of his first instalment: °°mPl°*'= the And provided also that where any person or persons shall in virtue of payment of the ’. . ’ ns, ,,,,,,,,]mc,,,_ u contract entered into with John Cleves Symmes, have entered and Proviso in fa- made improvements on any section or half section prior to the first day '°‘“’ °f P°”°““ of April last (havin conformed with all the fore oin rovisions in this f,,:;,:,l,T;;,6’;,`:,°}° section), which impiovements by the running of élhc diiies subsequently thereto shall have fallen within any section, or half section other than the one purchased as aforesaid, and other than section number sixteen, such section or half section shall in that case be granted to the person or persons who shall have so entered, improved and cultivated the same, on payment of the purchase money agreeably to the provisions made by law for lands sold at private sale; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to give to any such person or persons a greater number of acres than he or they had contracted for, with John Cleves Symmes as aforesaid. inP¤r;¤;;i hp- Sec. 8. Andbe it jimlm- enacted, That every person who may have °,.§,“'i,,S :,,5*;:; heretofore obtained from the commissioners, a certificate of a right of s,,,,,,;,,,, unda,. pre-emption for lands lying between the two Miami rivers, on account gpntiprctin with of contracts with, or purchase from John Cleves Symmes or his asso- ,-,0; (QVBB crates, and who has paid his first instalment; and every person, who Symmgg liu9W_ may obtain a similar certificate by virtue of the preceding section, and F; time shall,_on or before the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and aix, pay his first. mstalmpnt, bi permitted to pay the residue of the purc ase money in six annua equa payments. Igactionni Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That fractional sections of the

2;‘d;°’€n*;*:g lt: public lands of the United States, either north or the river Ohio, or south

,,,,,,,iy_ of the state of Tennessee, shall, under the directions of the Secretary of the Treasury, be either sold singly, or by uniting two or more together; (a.) See act of May 18, 1796, chap. 29, vol. i. p. 464, Act of June 1, 1796, chap. 46, vol. i. p. 490.