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322 EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 23. 1805. Srnurr: II. March 2, 1805, CHAP. XXIII.-dn dot further proziriiding for thegovcrnment of the icrritnry ry'

  • "*"‘-* eans.(n)
   Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

201%;:1 lot; giafes 1; Ameirzga in fnnggress rglserrtbleid, That. the Izresidient 0; the United

  • · · .· » il es e, an e is ere au orize to esta is wit m the territor

]S?;g];fc}€ of Orleans, a government?} in all respects similar, (except as is hereiii lh au: Otherwise Provided,) to that now exercised in the Mrss1ss1pp1 territory ; bush a gov;} and shall, in the. recess of the Senate, but to be nominated at their next; {nam within me rgectrnghfor theirr advice mild conserg, appomtf ag the ofhccrsdnecessairy mimi-y sr or. therem, in con ormity wit tie or inance 0 on ress, ma e on the

r_ thirteenth day of July, one thousand seven hundredg and eighty-seven,
c.,1a,,,,,pcct,) and that from and after the establishment of the said government, the

tyngtlrgg of the inhabitants of the territory of Orleans shall be entitled to and enjoy

‘l’P‘ ‘°" all the rights, privileges, and advantages secured by the Silld ordinance,

Omcm to b, and now enjoyed by the people of the Mississippi territory. grzpoiutcd, Ste. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That so much of the said ordi- Thc rights 3e_ nance of Qongress, as relates to the organization of u general assembly, cum; to me cit. and prescribes the powers thereof; shall, from and after the fourth day of iaene of Missis· July next, be in force in the said territory of Orleans; and in order to

l$c({°t;":h§; carry the same into operation, the governor of the said territory shall

ofmleuns. cause to be elected twenty-five representatives, thr_which purpose he J $d¤;§iuseISsIf shall lay oil` the said territory into convenient election districts, on or VOL L me · before the first Monday of October next, and give due notice thereof C ()rrlinnm;g of thfoughont the same and shall appoint the most convenient time and ¤$¤zr¤¤¤ in rc- pace wit in each o` the said districts, for holdin the elections: and l;Qf:S;';n‘:b§;Q(; shall nominate a proper officer or officers to presidi at and conduct the he in lbrce in same, and to return to him the names of the persons who may have been gfgya the duly elected. All subsequent elections shall be regulated by the legisla- 1805 Y> ture; andthe number of representatives shall be determined, and the _ Represents. apportionment made in the manner prescribed by the said ordinance. zgesw be cho- Suc. 3. Azul be it furtIu.·r enacted, That the representatives to be Slmmwcnt chosen as aforesaid shall be convened by the governor, in the city of elections to be Orleans, on the first Monday in November next ; and the Erst general

the assembly shalllbe convened by the governor as soon as may be conve-

1§_uu°0f;cpm_ ment, at the city of Orleans, after the members of the legislative council S05E23h;)? um bgtagggrnted and cornnnssionediz and the lgenerallassembly shall first mmm Of, Mcnégy ix; Egg;) tgviiryiyfar, 3.:1 such meeting shal be on the first, me I0BlSmm,°_ _ , r y., un ess they shall, by law, appoint a dill _ Annual meet- ferent day. Neither house, during the session, shall, without the consent ¤¤sr¤_w l»¢= l¤¤l<l· of the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other place tgnziiggis ihilll thm in which the two branches are sitting, unt tire consent Spc. 4. And be it further amzcied, That the laws in force in the said <>*I¢l;:l<>i§¤:·_ territory, at the commencement of this act, and not inconsistent with c0n’sm°;m°wl':l; the provisions thereof, shall continue in force, until altered, modified, or this net,t0 con- Tc]7€Ui€d the l€giSl21[l1TC.

    • ¤¤§:>c2;u{¤*¤;;a_ ·Sec. And be it further enacted, That the second paragraph of the

graph of ml; on said ordinance, which regulates the descent and distribution of estates; §i¥“‘a%°aZ3iL‘iL‘1 {223 “£?°S§€`§ §1’éEl§IIL5]Z1f f§Z"‘l§“°$ ‘”l"°*$ ‘S Z`“I'°"°'i “3 7“°b"““l‘“ ‘ . , r rey ecare no oexen o ut are ?;;;°Q;’g$';!mS_ cxcluded from all operation within the said territory of Orleans. fgoxnpensntioxus I Sm:. 6. And be lat fzrtlrerhenacted, That the governor, secretary, and ° um °*h¤¤*¤· judges, to be appointed by virtue of this act, shall be severally allowed theé sartne comgaernsation which is now allowed to the governor, secretary, an yu. ges, o the territory o Orleans. And all the additional officers ?_(;1rth$·g?re¢;;;Fyi;lg;s act, shall respectively receive thensarne compensations _ ’ _ _ . , are by law established for similar offices m the Mississippi territory, to be paid quarter yearly out of the revenues of (M By the act of April S, l8l2, chap, 50, Louisiana was admitted into the Union.