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Specific powers of the corporation.they shall have power to regulate the inspection of flour and tobacco in said town; to prevent the introduction of contagious diseases within said town and precincts; to establish night watches and patroles, and erect lamps; to regulate the stationing, anchorage and mooring of vessels; to provide for regulating and licensing ordinaries, auctions and retailers of liquors, hackney carriages, wagons, carts and drays within said town and precincts; to restrain or prohibit gambling; to provide for licensing, regulating or restraining theatrical or other public amusements; to regulate and establish markets; to pass all laws for the regulation of weights and measures; to provide for the licensing and regulating the sweeping of chimneys and fixing the rates thereof; to establish and regulate fire wards and fire companies; to regulate and establish the size of bricks to be made and used within said town; the inspection of salted provisions, and the assize of bread; to sink wells and erect and repair pumps in the streets; to impose and appropriate fines, penalties and forfeitures for breach of their ordinances; to erect workhouses; to open, extend, and regulate streets within the limits of the said town; provided they make to the person or persons who may be injured by such opening, extension or regulation just and adequate compensation, to be ascertained by the verdict of an impartial jury, to be summoned and sworn by a justice of the peace of the county of Washington, and to be formed of twenty-three men, who shall proceed in like manner as has been usual in other cases where private property has been condemned for public use; and they shall have the power of restraining, regulating and directing the manner of building wharves and docks; also to direct the manner in which the improvements thereon to be erected, shall be made, so that they may not become injurious to the health of the town; in addition to the power heretofore granted to the said corporation by the act of Congress, intituled1802, ch. 52.An act additional to, and amendatory of an act, intituled An act concerning the district of Columbia,” of laying a tax of two dollars per foot front for paving the streets, lanes and alleys of the said town; they shall have the power upon petition, in writing, of a majority of the holders of the real property fronting on any street or alley, if, in their judgment it shall be deemed necessary, to lay such further and additional sum on each front foot, on said street, or part of a street, as will be sufficient to pave said street or part of a street, lane or alley, so petitioned for; and the like remedy shall be used for the recovery thereof, as is now used for the recovery of the public county taxes in the said county of Washington; and they shall have power by ordinance to direct or order the paved streets to be cleansed and kept clean, and appoint an officer for that purpose; to make and keep in repair all necessary sewers and drains, and to pass regulations necessary for the preservation of the same.

Duties on licenses to enure to the benefit of the corporation.
Further grant of powers to the corporation.
Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That the duties on all licenses to be granted as aforesaid, shall be to and for the proper use and benefit of the said corporation; and the said corporation shall have power to pass all laws not inconsistent with the laws of the United States, which may be necessary to give effect and operation to all the powers vested in the said corporation; and to appoint constables and collectors of the taxes, and all other officers who may be deemed necessary for the execution of their laws, whose duties and powers shall be prescribed in such manner as the said corporation shall deem fit for the purpose aforesaid.

Local extent of the corporation’s jurisdiction.
A survey to be made to ascertain the precise limits.
Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That the jurisdiction of the said corporation shall extend to the limits of the original plan of said town, and to such additions as are recognized by law; and that a survey as soon as conveniently may be after the passage of this law, shall be made, under the direction of the said corporation, ascertaining said limits,