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xxxviii LIST OF THE PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. r g. District Umm of Maine. An act altering the time for holding the District Court in the dis- a trict of Maine. March 3, 1813. . . 829 Retaliation authoi-ized. An act vesting in the President of the United States the power of retaliation. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1813. . . . . . . ... 829 RESOLUTIONS. 1. Relative to the brilliant achievements of Captains Hull, Decatur, Jones, and Lieutenant Elliott. Jan. 29, 1813 ... 830 2. Requesting the President of the United States to cause to be prepared and laid before Congress a system of military discipline. March 3, 1813 . S30 3. Requesting. the President of the United States to present medals to Captain William Bainbridge, and the oficers of the frigate Constitution. March 3, 1813 ... 831 /