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378 NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 26, 28. 1806. Claimants or every person claiming such pension or any part thereof; under power of P€¤Si°¤¤f_¤¤d°1‘ attorney or substitution, shall, before the same is paid, make oath or Egyegg °,,i;§°Q; afiirmation, before some magistrate, legally authorized to take the same, oatti that they a copy of which, attested by said magistrate, shall be lodged with the Qgg ¤°*tb°°¤ person who pays said pension; that such power or substitution is not feiieifr H"' given by reason of any transfer of such pension, or part thereof And any person who shall swear or aflirm falsely in the premises, and be thereof convicted, shall suffer as for wilful and corrupt perjury. Former laws Sec. 9. And be it ftrther enacted, That all laws of the United States

;_ heretofore passed, so far as they authorize persons to be placed on the

disabiiiiiu from pension list of the United States, for, and in consequence of disabilities the war, repeiu. derived from known wounds received in the revoiutionary war, shall be, °‘li) _ and they are hereby repealed : Provided, that nothing in this repealing r°`"°°' clause shall injure, or in any way affect those persons already upon the pension `list of the United States; and that the secretary for the department of war shall proceed upon the testimony which has been transmitted to him by any claimant, before the passage of this act, in the same manner as though this act had never passed. 1)uration or Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That this act, so far as it autho- ‘*“’ “°*· rizes the admission of persons upon the pension list of the United States, shall remain in force for and during the space of six years from the pas- Proviso. sage thereof, and no longer: Provided, that this limitation shall not affect or impair the right of any invalid who may have completed hi testimony in the manner prescribed by this act before this limitation commences its operation, but which has not been transmitted to the secretary for the department of war. Approved, April 10, 1806. S1-nur}: I. --—-——— April 15, 1806. CHAP. XXVI.——An Act fo autllipgzpe thpwrigecrelary of War to issue land war-

 rants; rz or ot purposes.

21, 1908,ch- 37- Be it enacted by the Senate and Houseof Represcntatives of the United i9Afg08f°,B§°‘ States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War Secretary Jr be authorized to issue military land warrants, to such persons as have or W¤}‘ ¤¤¢l¤;>fi¤¤d shall, before the first day of March, one thousand eight hundred and

 °"d eight, produce to him satisfactory evidence of the validity of their

claims; which warrants, with those heretofore issued, and not yet satis- _ Witliin what fied, shall, and may be located in the names of the holders or proprietors

’s*Il;i;s€b;”i*;‘ thereof, at any time prior to the first day of October, one thousand eight

cmd_ yhundred and eight, on any unlocated parts of the fifty quarter townships, and the fractional quarter townships, reserved by law, for original holders of military land warrants. $¤fV¢y<>¤‘·z€- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the

 t;;`";: surveyor-general, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury,

made' of the to cause to be surveyed so much of the fifty quarter townships, and the <i¤_¤fl¤t ¢<>W¤- fractional quarter townships aforesaid, as have been, or hereafter may Sh'"' be located according to law, in conformity with the locations made ou the plats of the said quarter townships: Provided, the whole expense of surveying the same shall not exceed three dollars for every mile actually surveyed. Armzovau, April 15, 1806. Srxrure I. ._. April 15, 1806. Cr-rn?. XXVIII.-An Act lo suspend the aalc of cerluin lands in lhe slate of Ohio, ——·~—··—~— and the Indiana lcrrilory.(a) Operation of Be it enacted by the Senate and of Representatives rfthe United the sixth condi- States of America in Congress assembled, That the operation of the (r1) See note to not of May 18, 1796, chap. 30, vol. i. 464,