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382 NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 31. 1806. ppm relirr. Sec. 2. And br: it further enacted, That upon·the senators and repregsés c';?:; Z; sentatives from the state of Tennessee, by an mstrument. signed and ·rcn,mm to sealed by them respectively, making known, that in pursuance of the cemin 1¤¤d¤· power in them vested, by an act of the general assembly of the state of Tennessee, intituled “An act to appoint agents to settle the dispute between this state and the United States, relative to the vacant and unappropriated lands within this state, alnd to prpcurs tlhe relinqpishmenft of the claim of the United States to the same, ’ an y a reso ution 0 the senate and house of representatives of the said state of Tennessee, assed in the ear one thousand eight hundred and two, as instructionspthereiu; they, do, for, and in behalf of the state of Tennessee, and in consideration of the provisions made in this act, agree and declare, that all right, title, and claim, which the state of Tennessee hath to the lands lying west and south of the line, herein before established within the limits of the state of Tennessee, shall thereafter for ever cease; and that the lands aforesaid shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States, and shall be exempted from every disposition or tax made by order, or under the authority of the state of Tennessee, while the same shall remain the property of the United States, and for the term of five years aftsr glue §ame shzpl pe sold; which said instrument shall be a roved yt e euate o the United States, and entered at large in thelfi) journal, and deposited in the The U- S· l0 office of the Secretary of State. The United States do thereupon cede 2:3; ggngft z;udUconvey to the] state ofhTennessee, pllhriglithtitilel and claimhwhicp other lends_ tre nited States ave tot e territory o the an s ying east an nort of the line herein before established, within the limits of the state of Tennessee, subject to the same conditions as are contained in the act of the general assembly of the state of North Carolipa/Q iutituled "Au act for the ur ose of cedin to the United States o merica, certain western laniils Ilherein desci§bed."And the said state of Tennessee shall thereupon have as full power and authority to issue grants and perfect titles of all lands lying east and north of the befoiie described line, within the limits of the said state, as Congress now rave, or the state of Tennessee might have, by virtue of an act of the state of North Carolina, intituled "An act to authorize the state of Tennessee to perfect titles to lands reserved to this state by the cessgon act," to which said act the assent of Con ress is hereby iven, so ar as is necessary to carry into effect the objgcts of this eomgactg subject nevertheless to the following express conditions: that is to say, C<¤*¤l¤ ¢¤**l<>¤» Fmsr. That all entries of lands, rights of location, and warrants of

§$i5$,i°°$é surveys, and all interfering locations, which might be removed by the

territory ceded aforesaid act of cession of the state of North Carolina, and which are $9 the mw °f good and valid in law, and which were not actually located west and I°""°S”°' south of the herein before described line, before the twenty-fifth day of February, one thousand seven hundred and ninety, and all interfering rants which are ood and valid in law, and which have been located gast and north of abc said line, shall be located, and the titles thereto b perfected, within the territory hereby ceded to tpe state of Tennessee. L=·¤ds *° 0 Sncoivnnv. That the state of Tennessee shal appropriate one hun-

?;c;¥ dred thousand acres, which shall be located in onementiire tract, within

uessee for the the limits of the lands reserved to the Cherokee Indians, by an act of the ”¤PP°'*°l¤°ml‘ state of North Carolina, intituled "An act for opening the land-office for

2Q)°;,s;?g,,,n_ the redemption of specie and other certificates, and discharging the

mg. arrears due to the army," passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three; and shall be for the use of two colleges, one in East, and one in West Tennessee, to be established by the legislature thereof And one hundred thousand acres in one tract within the limits last aforesaid, for the use of academies ; one in each county in said state to be established by the legislature thereof; which said several tracts