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428 NINTH CONGRESS. Szss. II. Ch. 22. 1807. ser of auyslave negro, mulatto, or person of colour, who may be sold or disposed of '°m ““d°*‘ *1*** in virtue of an reculation which ma hereafterlbe made b a f regulations of · y " . y . y ny 0 the nm legislature legislatures of the several states m that respect, m pursuance of this of any state. act, and the constitution of the United States. Vessels may Sec. 7. And be itfurlhcr enacted, That if any ship or vessel shall be Rf :fg_;‘g»0};¤V· found, from and after the first day of January, one thousand eight hun. boim dred and eight, in any river, port, bay, or harbor, or on the high seas, within the jurisdiotional limits of the United States, or hovering on the coast thereof, havmghon board any negro, mnlatto, or person of colour, for the purpose of selling them as sloves, or with intent to land the same, 1n any port or ploce yvxthm the jurtsdxetxon of the United States, contrnry to the prohnbmon of thns act, every such shxp or vessel, together f_VesseIs seized with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, and the goods or effects which u‘;*:`°£_°gh;°U$‘f shah be found on board the same, shall be forfeued to the use of the wd Smeg_ United States, and may be seized, prosecuted, and condemned, in any Naval fume court of the United Stutcs, having jurisdiction thereo£ And it shall be

a“':°I;£°;‘;°° lawful for the President of the United States, and he is hereby antho-

,,1),;,,, theppgj rized, should he deem it expedient, to cause any of the armed vessels of use of mbm- the United States to be manned and employed to cruise on any part of E'! ‘h*“ “°*· the coast of the United States, or territories thereof, where he may judge attempts wall be made to violate the provisions of this act, and to instruct and direct the commanders of armed vessels of the United States, to seize, take, and bring into·any port of the United States all such ships or vessels, am; moreover to sexze, take, and bring mto any port of the United States all s ips or vessels of the United States, whcresocvcr found on the high seas, contravening the provisions of this act, to be proceeded against according to law, and the captain, master, or commander of every such

or yeggeg, so found jtng seigei asi);afo:esl:1;d, shall be gelerned guilty of at

xg mts I eanor, an s a e na o 0 prosecu e e orc any court of the United States, having jurisdiction thereof; and being thereof p.,m{mc,?5nc convicted, shall be fined not exceeding ten thousand dollars, and be im- Tsdnt ¤¤¤1>¤¤¤¤- prnsoned not less than two years, and not exceeding four years. And Qréceeds of the proceeds of ull ships and vessels, their tackle,_upparel, and furniture, prizes divided and the goods and effects on board of them, which shall be so seized, gftyeen the prosecuted and condemned, shall be divided equally between the United ofgc`; xd HL: States and the ofhccrs und men who shall make such seizure, take, or mnking the bring the same into port for condemnation, whether such seizure be ¤°¤¤¤°¤· made by an armed vessel of the United States, or revenue cuttersthereofj ond the saxne) shall be distributed in like manner, as is provided by law, Every negro or the distri ution of prizes taken from an enemy: Provided, that the

‘£n‘g‘“;;‘a;’0ard officers and men, to be entitled to one half of the proceeds aforesaid,

any vm,] uP_ shall safe keep every negro, mulatto, or person of colour, found on tpreddm be de- board of any ship or vessel so by them seized, taken, or brought into sfsge ap;°0i§:c; port for condemnation, and shall deliver every such negro, mulatto, or by the ,,5,},,,,,. person of colour, to such person or persons as shall be appointed by the me stages to re- respective states, to receive the same; and if no such person or persons °°"° t °"'· shall be appointed by the respective states, they shall deliver every such negro, mnlatto, or person of colour, to the overseers of the poor of the port or p ace where such ship or vessel may be brought or found, and An account to shall immediately transmit to the governor or chief magistrate of the

 state, an account of their proceedings, together with the number of

of the Mpeg_ such ncgroes, mulattoes, onperspns of colour, and a descriptive list of tive states. the snmc, tha? he ma? give directions respecting such negroes, mulattoes, or persons 0 co our. a)

(G) The district courts have jurisdiction under the slave trade acts, to determine who are the actual captors under a state law, made in pursuance of the 4th section of the slave trade act of 1807 and directing the proceeds of the sale of the negroes to be paid, " one moiety for the use of the commanding 0%,;:; <;f&_;l;e captnrnnggesselw The Josefu Segundo, 10 Wheat. 312, 6 Cond. Rep. lll. _ _ f _ V _ ce nizunst the laws of the United States under the 7th seetwn of the act of 1807, as not that o unporting or runing mto the United States, persons of colour, with intent to hold such persons as