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TENTH CONGRESS. Sxss. l. Ch. 28, 29, 30. 1808. 471 Cup. XXVllI. -An Jai lo allow the imparfaiion of old copper, salzyaetre and ZTTSES sugnhur, free of duty. .._Z; Be it enndul by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Ihzited [0b50K6m']' Smtes of Amcréca in Congress assembled, That. from and after the thirty- m$¢l,:°£°;,t time day of March next, no duty shall be demanded or collected on the cd free fron}; duimpmmien of old copper, which term shall apply only to such copper *7 ‘”·°* M“·'°h manufactures as have been worn out or otherwise so damaged as to be 31* mg' unfit for any other purpose than ·that of supplying a raw material, to bc manufactured anew. And it shall be lawful for the collector of the port Persons to or district in which such old copper shall arrive, should any doubt arise d¢§¢*mi¤¤ {fthe whether such importation comes within the intent and meaning of this alot, ;"°:m:;':°’:Eg to appoint one person, and the owner, importer, or consignec, to appoint provision uftbis another, who shall ascertain whether the copper imported comes under ¤<=*· the denomination of old copper, as above described ; and the proceedings in this instance shall be conducted in the like manner and form as the proceedings are directed to be had by the Hiiy-second section of the 1799, ch. 22, act passed the second of March, one thousand seven hundred and ""· 52- ninety-ninc, regulating the collection of duties on imports and tonnage, in cases of incomplete entry, or of damage sustained by goods, wares and merchandise during the voyage. Sm. 2. And be it further enacted, That from and after the said thirty- Saltpetre and firs; day of March next, no duty shall be demanded or collected on the ‘“lP"“€ my ‘*1' . . so be xmporrcd importation of saltpetrc or sulphur. {-me {mm duuw Armovum, March 4, 1808. -u.-. Snrum I. CHAP. XXlX»—x7n .0cf i¢gfu¢·f}zcr addition to an act intiluled “An acl to amend March 9, 1808. the icial sysiem of the United States." i-"` Bc it enacted by the Senate and House ¢y"Representatives zfthe United 29AfgO;f élgil States of America in Congress assrmblcd, That the circuit court of O} whafluégeg the United States, in the second circuit, shall consist of the justice of thecircuitcmnt the supreme court residing within said circuit, and the district judge of 2;;:;** ;:E°;g the district in which such court may be holden. compostu Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That within the district of Georgia, December the circuit court. no be holden in the month of December, annually, shall term or circuit hereafter be holden at Milledgevllle, instead of Louisville. °;“3Qst€?;t(i:°;é Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That instead of the times hereto- igd mM;;. fore established by law for holding the fall terms of the district court for ledgevillc: the district of North Carolina, the same be commenced and holden in 18€f°;’£I`§ b· 4* future on the following days, that is to say: at Wilmington, in and for T§,m,`°r me the district of Cape Fear, on the third Monday of October; at N cwbern, district qourtof in and for the district of Pamptico, on the Friday next after the third g;a2;;‘g‘““ Monday of October, and at Edcmon, in and for the district of Albe- Act Ar Jan, marlc, on the first Tuesday which shall follow the Friday next after the 23, 1812, uh. 17. third Monday of October, annually. And that all actions, suits, writs, process, pleadings, and other proceedings commenced, cr to be commenced, or which shall be now pending in any of the district courts of the district of North Carolina, for the terms aforesaid, shall be continued Causes, mg over and have day according to the alterations hereby madc and estab- Ofén °°;;2°:rd lished, any thing in any former act or acts to the contrary notwith- ingly. standing. Avmzovzn, March 9, 1808. . Srluvwra I. CHAP. XXX.—An Act for extending the terms of credit on revenue bands in can March 10* 1g0S' mm cases, and for wher pueposea. [Obs0Iel,, ] Be it enacted by the Senate and House (y' Representatives 1f ihe United 1 ’;‘§g;fx?;:: States of America in Congress assembler/, That the payment of all bonds SSC. *7. '