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SlX’fil CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. li}. 1800. I5 of a quarter township, in the general tract mentioned and described in said act: Provided always, that the fractional quarter townships upon Certain fracthe river Sciota, and those upon the river Muskingum adjoining the ‘l°““l .q“"*°” flownslri s to be grant made to Ebenezer Zane, or the towns Salem, Gnadenhutten or uk,,,, fg, ,-0,,,. Shoenbrun, or the Indian boundary line, shall in every case be accepted theu and acres. and taken in full satisfaction for four thousand acres. V°l· l- 491- Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That whenever locations shall be _ When leea. made on any quarter township, which, according to the actual survey "°““ mf ‘“"d° and plat thereof returned by the Surveyor General, is stated to contain ::w‘i,;i,i,,;r less than the quantity of four thousand acres, except in the case of frac- stated to erm. tions provided for in the preceding section, it shall be lawful for the {P'" {ff; sg;" Secretary of the Treasury to issue, or cause to be issued, certificates, ,,2,1;;,, 5,: gcc. expressing the number of acres remaining unsatisfied of any registry of rotary of Treawarrants for the quantity of four thousand acres, made in pursuance of ““;Eh"‘;ls°:)“;; the act before recited, which certificates shall have the same validity and fsiucdciii me effect, and be liable to be barred in like manner as warrants granted for deficiency. military services, but no certificate shall be granted, nor any claim allowed for less than fifty acres, nor for the navigable water contained within the limits of any quarter township or fractional quarter township. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That whenever a location shall What is to be be made on any quarter township, which, according to the actual sur- ‘l°¤° when ‘h°Y vey and plat thereof, returned by the Surveyor General, is stated to exceed the quantity of four thousand acres, no patent shall be issued in ships stated to pursuance thereof; until the person making such location, shall deposit ¢<>¤¤*i¤ m°l‘° at the treasury, warrants for military services or certificates issued by 3;:3 §;`;;sl:h°“` virtue of the preceding section, equal to the excess above four thousand ` acres, contained in such quarter township, or shall pay into the treasury of the United States two dollars per acre, in the certificates of the six Land at two per cent. funded debt of the United States, or money, for each acre of °l°“**” P" “°"‘ the excess above four thousand acres as aforesaid. Sec. 5. And be it fizrt/cer enacted, That after the priority of location Reservations shall have been determined, and after the proprietors or holders of war· f3;rr;’;3:fl;§,,_ rants for military services shall have designated the tracts by them respec- gd to mdmdu. tively elected; it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to ak f¢>r¢h¤ir M- designate by lot, in the presence of the Secretary of War, fifty quarter “°°°' townships, of the lands remaining unlocated, which quarter townships, together with the fractional parts of townships remaining unlocated, shall be reserved for satisfying warrants granted to individuals for their military services, in the manner hereafter provided. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the land in each of the Reseryations quarter townships designated as aforesaid, and in such of the fractional F°t lf), *%}*2; parts of quarter townships, as may then remain unlocated, shall be di- mgdrcg ,,c,c,,_ vided by the Secretary of the Treasury, upon the respective plats thereof} as returned by the Surveyor General, into as many lots, of one hundred acres each, as shall be equal, as nearly as may be, to the quantity such M¤¤¤¤¤ i¤ quarter township or fraction is stated to contain; each of which lots shall gQ*gf;;Q;gg”“' be included, where practicable, between parallel lines, one hundred and ' sixty perches in length, and one hundred perches in width, and shall be designated by progressive numbers upon the plat, or survey of every such quarter township and fraction respectively. Sec. 7. And be it jiutlaer enacted, That from and after the sixteenth Holders of day of March next, it shall be lawful for the holder of any warrant ;;‘:;’m';;;'?:°*:_ granted for military services, to locate, at any time before the first day 6,,,,, 0,, ,;,0,,, of January, one thousand eight hundred and two, the number of hun- lots, and rcdred acres expressed in such warrant, on any lot or lots, from time to EES: gygntug time, remaining unlocated within the tracts reserved as aforesaid, and only, after 16th upon surrendering such warrant to the treasury, the holder thereof March, 1800, shall be entitled to receive a patent in the manner, and upon the condi- fgggc J'"' tions heretofore prescribed by law; which patent shall in every case Iiost 155.