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TENTH CONGRESS. Sues, II. Cx-x. 5. 1809. 507 And it. shall be lawful for the collectors of the customs to refuse per· Collucmn mission to put any cargo on board any such ship, vessel, or boat, when- m?! *¤*¤=¤ P¤}‘· ever in their opinion there is an intention to violate the embargo, or ;",:;'° °°"°"’ whenever they shall have received instructions to that effect by direction I of the President of the United States; Provided, that nothing contained Pmvisu. in this section shall be construed to extend to any ship, vessel, or boat, uniformly employed in the navigation only of bays, sounds, rivers and lakes, within the jurisdiction of the United States, which shall have obtained a general permission, agreeably to the provisions in the fourth section of this act. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the owner or owners, con- Vcsselsalrea. signee or factor, of any ship, vessel, or boat, as described in the preceding of lizdfklgf P”;‘* section, which may, at the time when notice of this act shall be received be d,,c;,,;’,,d°: at the several custom-houses respectively, be laden in whole or in part, qu the requisishnll, on notice given by the collector, either discharge such cargo or {'°';°°r “‘° °°1· give bond for the same, in the manner and on the conditions mentioned cc r' in the preceding section; and if the cargo shall not be discharged within ten days or the bond given within three days aher such notice, the ship, vessel, or boat and cargo shall be wholly forfeited: but the collectors are hereby authorized to order or to cause the cargoes of such vessels to be discharged for the same causes as they may refuse permission to put any cargo on board of vessels not yet laden in whole or in part. And they are likewise authorized in the mean while, and until the cargoes shall have been discharged, or bonds given, as the case may be, to take possession of such vessels, and to take such other measures as may be necessary to prevent their departure. Sm:. 4. And be it further enacted, That the collectors of the customs G¢¤¢r¤l perbe, and they are hereby authorized to grant, under such general instruo- ME: tions as the President of the United States may give to that effect, a $,,8 vm6h_ general permission to ships, vessels or boats, whose employment has uniformly been confined to the navigation of bays, sounds, rivers, or lakes within the jurisdiction of the United States, when it can be done without danger of the embargo being violated, to take on board at any time such articles of domestic or foreign growth as may be designated in _. such general permission or permissions, bond with one or more sureties C°“‘1‘“°”“· being previously given to the United States by the owner, owners, consignee or factors of such ship, vessel, or boat, and by the master thereof, in an amount equal to three hundred dollars for each ton of the said vessel, that such vessel shall not, during the time limited in the condition of the bond, depart from any district of the United States,without having previously obtained a clearance, nor until the master or commander shall have delivered to the collector or surveyor of the port of departure a manifest of the whole cargo on board, that the said vessel shall not during the time above mentioned, proceed to any other port. than that mentioned in her clearance, or put any article on board of any other vessel, or be employed in any foreign trade; and that on every voyage or trip, the whole of the cargo shall be landed in a porn of the United States within the bay, sound, rivers or lakes, to which the navigation of such vessel is confined. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That if any ship, vessel or boat, Penalties, in not having received a general permission, and a general bond not having gzsfsogglgfgz been first given in the manner provided lbr in the next preceding section, pmceding scc_ shall take on board any specie, or any goods, wares or merchandise, either zion. of foreign or domestic growth, produce or manufacture, contrary to the provisions of the second section of this act, such ship, vessel, or boat, together with the speeie and goods, wares or merchandise, shall be wholly forfeited; and the owner or owners, agent, freighter or factors, master or commander of such ship, vessel or boat, shall moreover severally