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Proviso.vided, that notice shall be given, by advertisement, in one of the newspapers printed in Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, of the time when the same shall be ordered to be paid.

When tolls shall be receivable.Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the said company shall not begin to collect wharfage or tolls, until the canal is made navigable for boats and scows drawing three feet water to pass through the same, from the Potomac river to the eastern branch thereof: And if at any time the said canal shall become obstructed, so that boats and scows drawing three feet water cannot pass through the same, from the Potomac river to the Eastern branch thereof, it shall not be lawful for the said company to collect any wharfage or tolls, until such obstruction shall have been removed.

President and directors to be sworn.Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That every president and director, before he acts as such, shall take an oath or affirmation that he will well and faithfully discharge the duties of his office; and any four of the directors, with the president, shall constitute a quorum for transacting any business of the company.

Shares to be personal property—made liable to executions, as such.Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That the shares in the said company shall be deemed personal and not real property, and transferable in such manner as the company shall direct, and that the shares held by any individual shall be liable to be attached or taken by fieri facias, to satisfy the debts due from any such individual, in like manner as other personal property may be.

Annual meetings to be held of the stockholders.Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That there shall be a general meeting of the stockholders on the first Monday in June, and the first Monday in December, in every year, in the city of Washington, to which meeting the president and directors shall make a report, and render distinct and just accounts of all their proceedings; and on finding them justly and fairly stated, the stockholders then present, or a majority of them, shall give a certificate thereof; and at such half yearly general meetings, after leaving in the hands of the treasurer such sum as shall be judged necessary for repairs, improvements or contingent charges, an equal dividend of all the nett profits arising from the wharfage and tolls hereby granted, shall be ordered, and made to and among all the stockholders of the said company, in proportion to their several shares:Dividends to be made.
Provided, that if the nett profits shall, in any year, exceed fifteen per centum on the sum actually expended by the said company, in opening the said canal, and completing the same, the fifteen per centum only of the nett profits shall be divided among the stockholders, and the excess shall be paid to the mayor and city council of the city of Washington, for the use of the said city.

Tolls.Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That for and in consideration of the expenses the said stockholders shall incur in cutting the canal, erecting locks, and in maintaining and keeping the same in repair, and in the enlargement and improvement of the same, the said company is hereby authorized to collect on all articles and materials landed on each side of the canal, from on board any boat or scow, or placed on either side of the said canal, for the purpose of being taken therefrom by any boat or scow, according to such rates as the president and directors may, from time to time, by their by-laws, order and direct:Proviso. Provided, that the said rates shall, at no time hereafter, and in no particular, exceed the rates which are, or may be established by the owners of wharves in the city of Washington. And it shall and may be lawful for the said company to demand and receive, at the most convenient place, for all articles carried through the said canal, tolls not exceeding the following rates, that is to say: for each unloaded boat or scow twenty-five cents; for each barrel of flour two cents; for each barrel of beef or pork two cents; for each barrel of whiskey or brandy three cents; for each hogshead or pipe six cents; and upon all other articles, packages and com-