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`I ELEVENTH COINGRESS. Sxsss. II. Ch. 31, 33, 34. 1810. 589 of June next, all post roads heretofore establish b of the United States, shall be and the same sri: l)iczi·;h;(3i;<ioElirnl$i·i;€¢l? ffrovided, {hot nothing herein contained shall be construed so as to afi ect any existing, contracts. Approved, April 28, 1810. ""*" Snrurz II. CHAP. XXX}.-An Act to extend the timcfor locating Wrgienia military land March 16 1810 warrants. and or retumin the surve s th ———-L_.' ment (If Wurlf g y ereon to the Secretary of the depart- Act 0,. June 9, 1794, ch. 62. Be it enacted by the Senate and House $fRepresmtatives ejthe United A°° °f M? States of America in Congress assemble , That the officcrs and soldiers 10X;??? lllléfcii of the Virginia line on continental establishmcngtheir heirs or assigns 3: l803»¢h·30· entitled to bounty lands within the tract reserved by Virginia betweeri A°t°f M"°h the Little Miami and Scioto rivers, for satisfying the legal bounties to lskgojiigbzil her officors and soldiers upon continental establishment, shall be allowed Act °*` March a further term of five years, from and after the passage of this am, to 21j`18°8g‘§§‘37‘ obtain warrants and complete their locations, and n further term of seven Ag: oaf lniilly years, from and after the passage of this act as aforesaid, to return their 5> 1813:***- 7- surveys and warrants, or certified copies of warrants to the ollioe of the fi °€ {gm secretary of the war department, any thing in any former act to the A::::' 18;% contrary notwithstanding: Provided, that no locations as aforesaid, **-9* °l` 1823- within the above mentioned tract, shall, after the passing of this act, be ]0,,I;;°ty°”':' °l' made on tracts of land for which patents had previously been issued, or wai-mm; Exilim which had been previously surveyed; and any patent which may never- ?°‘¤Pl¤**> *°¤¤- theless be obtained for land located contrary to the provisions of this °`°°°':;d S°"°“ section, shall be considered us null and void. llliflrzurveiysiurn Apmwvnn, March 16, 1810. —····· Sruuu: II. CHAP. XXXIH.—An Act rovidi or the rinti and distribudi aud; A ril27, 1810. Laws of the United Sggeg as respgct the”§’ublic Lands. ng of Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Laws, sw. re. States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the mg? l'·° d *h° United States be, and he is hereby authorized to cause to be collected £:,,,;ii,,,;2ds,,;g into one volume and arranged, the several laws of the United States, published. resolutions of the Congress under the confederation, treaties and proclamations that have operation and respect to the public lands: and to Much 3, 1845. cause twelve hundred copies to be printed, one of which shall be transmitted to each of the existing land boards of commissioners for settling land claims, and a copy to each of the registers and receivers of public monies of the several land-offices of the United States; and the residue of the said copies shall be preserved for the future disposition of Congross. Ammovnn, April 27, 1810.

S-r.u·u·rn II.

CHAP. XXXIV.-An Act providing for the better aocammodaiion of the General Postayjiee and Patent Office, and for vtiwrpurposcs. rg?;; ei}:'.!:;;;',; 4, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United cc, $,6’ States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the 3 x;;? M¤r¢h United States bc, and hereby is authorized to erect, or procure by pur- ’ ‘ ‘ chase, a building suitable for tho accommodation of the génelfal p_0St- Picesident cu. oflice, and of the officc of the keeper of the patents, in such situation, ¢h<>¤¤¢d t¤ buy and finished in such manner, as xho interest of the United States andthe Q; Q;,,;:";:";: safety and convenience of those offices respectively, and the arrangement for ucc ccccm, of the models in the patent ofhco shall, in his opinion, rcqnirc. _ ¤¤°d*;f;;>¤ °*`;h° Suc. 2. And be it jiu-ther enacted, That the Presgl%t of the United $:8, &f,’°“