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594 ELEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 37. IS10. duties assigned to them, or the execution of their trusts, and before they shall be entitled to receive any emolument therefor, respectively take and subscribe the following oath or aiiirmation, before some magistrate, Om! °l`°m¤€- and cause a certificate thereof to be filed in the general post.-office: ‘* I, A. B. do swear, or affirm (as the case may be) that I will faithfully perform.all the duties required of me, and abstain from every thing forbidden by the laws in relation to the establishment of the post-office and post roads within the United States." Every person who shall be in any manner employed in the care, custody, conveyance or management of vi,,i,,ii,,,,, Oi- the mail, shall be subject to all pains, penalties and forfeitures for viothirtrusts to be lating the injunctions, or neglecting the duties required of him ·by the {’,;‘€“;i:‘;:,s’fmf laws relating to the establishment of the post-office and post roads, whe- 0,,,,.,,i iimiciii ther such person shall have taken the oath or atlirmatiou above prehad not taken SGTlb€(.l Ot fIOL mpost t Sno, 3, And bg it fur!/wr enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Gciiufimiiigg. Postmaster-General to provide by contract, for the carriage of the mail provide forthe on any road on which a stage wagon or other stage carriage shall be

’,?'Y"'g° °f um established, on condition that the expense thereof shall not exceed the

ail. . . revenue thence arising. It shall also be lawful for the Postrnaster-General to enter into contracts for a term not exceeding eight years, for extending the line of posts, and to authorize the persons so contracting, as a compensation for their expenses, to receive during the continuance of such contracts, at rates not exceeding those for like distances established by this act, all the postage which shall arise on letters, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and packets, conveyed by any such post; and the roads designated in such contracts shall, during the continuance thereoti be deemed and considered as post roads within the provision of this act: and a duplicate of every such contract shall, within sixty days aher the execution thereoi be lodged in the office of the comptroller of the treasury of the United States. Fi-ge tviiiic Sec. 4. And be it frrthwr enacted, That no other than a free white g¤¤¤<>¤¤, <>¤lY $¤ person shall be employed in carrying the mail of the United States, on ,:0°:',l;,TZ;g L?. any of the post roads, either as a post-rider or driver of a carriage carthe mai], rying the mail; and every contractor or person who shall have stipulated or may hereafter stipulate to carry the mail, or whose duty it shall be to cause the same to be conveyed on any of the post roads as aforesaid, and who shall, contrary to this act, empl'oy any other than a free white person as a post-rider or driver, or in any other way to carry the mail on the same, shall for every such offence forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars; one moiety thereof to the use of the United States, and the other moiety thereof to the person who shall suc for and prosecute the same, before any court having competent jurisdiction thereof Postmaster_ Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster-General shall (mimi may si- be authorized to allow the postmasters at the several distributing offices

  • ‘2;,`:;‘;,;]r;P“‘Y such compensation ns shall be adequate to their several services in that

Euch c,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ respect: Pmvirlerl, that the same shall not exceed, in the whole, five tion its he may per cent. on the whole amount of postages on letters and newspapers 5g9c "°°"°““‘ received for distribution: Provirkrl also, that if the number of mails, ` received at and despatched from any such office is not actually increased by the distributing system, then no additional allowance shall be made to the postmaster. Post-roads Sec. 6. And be it further- enacted, That whenever it shall be made <·l>¤¤¤¢§<ll*L to appear to the satisfaction of the Postmaster-General that any road fgtfé ,,;,0,,,;, established, or which may hereafter be established as a post road, is by the Postmas. obstructed by fences, gates or bars, or other than those lawfully used on g;,G;*;¢;*‘¤lm;*: turnpike roads to collect their toll, and not kept in good repair, with 0,,,,; ,,;,,, be proper bridges and ferries where the same may be necessary, it shall be substituted. the duty of the Postmaster-General to report the same to Congress with