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596 ELEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 37. 1810. the postage marked on any letter or package, and charged on the post bill which may accompany the same, shall, in favour of the postmaster who delivers out said letter, be conclusive evidence of the lawful postage thereon, unless said letter shall be opened in the presence of the said postmaster or his clerk. Postage upon. Sec. And be it further enacted,. That every letter or packet £*;’§*€; ****6*5 brought into the United States, or carried from one port therein to md co255m;;?` another, in any private ship or vessel, shall be charged with six cents, if delivered at the post—office where the same shall arrive, and if destined todhe conveyed {hy post to any other place, with two cents added to the or mary rates 0 postage. Penalties for Sec. 13. And be it futher enacted, That if any postmaster, or other f}:‘;£;h¥n;;;‘;'i. person authorized by the Postmaster-General, to receive the postage of postage_ letters, shall fraudulently demand or receive any rate of pomage, or gratuity or reward, other than is provided by this act, for the postage of letters or packets; on conviction thereof he shall forfeit for every such offence, one hundred dollars, and shall be rendered incapable of holding any ofliee or appointment under the government of the United States. Lmm, to be Sec. 14. And be it_furthor enacted, That no ship or vessel arriving delivered w me at any port within the United States, where a post-office is established, g‘:;"‘::;:;fs shall be permitted to report, make entry, or break bulk, until the master previousto grim or commander shall have delivered to thepostmaster all letters directed being permitted to any person or persons within the Un1ted States, or the territories ‘° ’°P°"* &°‘ thereof, Iwhich, under his care, or within his power shall be brought in such ship or vessel, except such as are directed to the owner or consignee of the ship or vessel, and except also such as are directed to be delivered at the port of delivery to which such ship or vessel may be Mmm 0;- bound. And it shall be the duty of the collector, or other oflieer of the vessels tc take port, empowered to receive entries of ships or vessels, to require, from 2*}; every mastenor commander of such ship or vessel, an oath or affirmalettgrs, gw_ tion, purporting that he has delivered all such letters, except as aforepemims, said. And if any commander or master of any ship or vessel shall break bulk before he shall have complied with the requirements of this act, every such offender shall, on conviction thereof, forfeit for every such offence a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars. M t of- Sec. 15. And be it further enacted Thatithe postmasters to whom vessgfsfriaxcept such letters may be delivered, shall pay to the master or commander, or tgiieegf ’”;’;°;E'f other person, delivering the same, except the commanders of foreign gmc ’P°mgc packets, two cents for each letter or packet, and shall obtain, from the for letter; d person delivering the same, a. certificatespecifying the number of letters R;‘;‘;§g*b‘*“m€l;‘ and packets, with the name of the eh1p or vessel, and the place from Ywhence she lest sailed; which certificate, together with a receipt for the money, shall be, with his quarterly accounts, transmitted to the Postmaster-Genera.l, who shall credit him with the amount. Penalties for Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That if any person, other than

  • ’ci
    P g u the Postmaster-General or his deputies, or persons by them employed,

www Pshall be concerned in setting up or maintaining any foot or horse post, stage wagon, or other stage carriage or sleigh on any established post road, or from one post town to another post town, on any road adjacent or parallel to an established post road, or any packet boat or other vessel to ply regularly from one place to another, between which a regular communication by water shall be established by the United States, and shall receive any letter or packet, other than newspapers, magazines or pamphlets, and carry the same by such foot or horse post, stage wagon or other stage, carriage, or sleigh, packet boat or vessel, (excepting only such letter or letters as may be directed to the owner or owners of such conveyance, and relating to the same, or to the person to whom any packet or bundle in such conveyance is intended to be delivered,) every person so offending shall forfeit for every such offence the sum of fifty