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606 ELEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 39. 1810. British and manding officer shall immediately report his vessel to the collector of F!¢¤¤h armed the district, stating the object or cause of his entering the harbors or z?;::? 3,°°€fj; waters of the United States; and shall take such position therein as the writers Orme shall be assigned him by such collector, and shall conform himself his U- $$8*% ¤{¤— vessel and crew, to such regulations respecting health, repairs, supplies, g:?;,}" °°"°"‘ stay, intercourse and departure, as shall be signified to him by the said collector, under the authority and directions of the President of the United States, and, not conforming thereto, shall be required to depart from the United States. Home iing Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all pacific intercourse with course with iu- any interrlicted foreign armed vessels, the officers or crew thereof, is terdictsd {0* hereby forbidden, and if any person shall afford any aid to such armed Bl nvessels for. . . . . . . . bféden und,,,- vessel either in repairing her, or in furnishing her, her officers or crew penalties. with supplies of any kind or in any manner whatsoever, or if any pilot shall assist in navigating the said armed vessel, contrary to this prohibition, unless for the purpose of carrying her beyond the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, the person or persons so offending, shall be liable to be bound to their good behaviour, and shall moreover forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars, to be recovered upon The whole ;,,,_ indictment or information, in any court of competent jurisdiction; one feiturete accrue moiety thereof to the treasury of the United States, and the other moiety {,9 ";° to the person who shall give information and prosecute the same to mm ,,},,5; i,,, by effect: Provided, that if the prosecution shall be by a public officer the a public pflzicer. whole forfeiture shall accrue to the treasury of the United States. ,.°5.:i';::_';;’“ .Sr.c. 3. find be it further enacted, That all the penalties and fordé,. th, ,,,,,,_,,,_ feltures which may have been incurred under the act, entituled "An act tereour e and to interdict the commercial intercourse between the United States and

’“b“‘¥°· ]‘°“’ Great Britain and France and their dependencies, and for other puro be recovered . . .

and dgsposed og; poses," and also all the penalties and forfeitures which may have been 1809, ch. 24. incurred under the act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbors of the United States, or under any of the several acts supplementary thereto, or to enforce the same, or under the acts to interdict the commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France and their dependencies, and for other purposes, shall be recovered and distributed, and may be remitted in the manner provided by the said acts respectively, and in like manner as if the said acts had continued in full force and effect. tcrtain ssc- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That in case either Great Bri-

(3;*;   tain or France shall, before the third day of March next, so revoke or

c,,,,,m€,c;ai iu_ modify her edicts as that they shall cease to violate the neutral cointer¤<>¤r¤e_,&c- merce of the United States, which fact the President of the United tg 3i6L83m22d,;? States shall declare by proclamation, and if the other nation shall not yusing to repeal within three months thereafter so revoke or modify her edicts in like ¤r mqdifyits qr- manner, then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth ‘g;'“,;‘; °°“"°"· and eighteenth sections of the act, entituled "An act to interdict the 1.809; ci, 24_ commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France and their dependencies, and for other purposes," shall, from and after the expiration of three months from the date of the proclamation aforesaid, be revived and have full force and effect, so far as relates to the dominions, colonies and dependencies, and to the articles the growth, produce or manufacture of the dominions, colonies and dependencies of the nation thus refusing or neglecting to revoke or modify her edicts in the manner aforesaid. And the restrictions imposed by this act shall, from the date of such proclamation, cease and be discontinued in relation to the nation revoking or modifying her decrees in the manner aforesaid. Approved, May 1, 1810.