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780 TWELFTH CONGRESS. SBS!. I. Ch. % ISI} Fmreitures military stores, arms, or munitions of war or provisions, shall be forfeited and penalties. to. the use of the United States, and the person or persons axding or privy t0. the same Shall severally forfeit and pay to the use of the llmted States a sum equal in valne. to the wagon, cart, slenglt, boat, or thing by whieh the said naval or military stores, arms, or munmons of war or articles of provision, are transported, or are attempted to be transported 5 and shall moreover be considered as guilty of a misdemeanor, ant} nelliable in be lined in a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, and imprisoned for a. mM_ term not exceeding six months, in the discretion of the court'; Prrtryzdelrl, that nothing herein contained shall extend to any transportation or the use or on account of the United States or the supply of its troops or armed l`orce.(a) I f h cou ,,0,, U,. Sec. 3. 4nrl be it further enacted That the col ectors 0 t, e several thoriizezctp une ports of the United States be, and the same are hereby authorized to “" ““ m' " seize and stop naval or military stores, arms, or the munitions of war, or s ¤ . . . . . . my me ’ Sm any articles of provision, and ship or vessel, wagon, cart, sleigh, boat, or thing by which any article prohibited as aforesaid is shipped or transported, or attempted to be shipped or transported, contrary to the provisions of this act. _ _ N0,,;,,; ve,, Sec. 4.. And be it further enacted, That no ship or vessel belonging •e1s_ _ belonging to any citizen or citizens, subject or subjects of any state or kingdom '°‘?‘“’°"’° ‘h° in amit with the United States, exec t such as at the assa ecf this act United States ur y . . . . P . .p - g g,,;`,,;,;,,,,;, 0;- shall belon to the citizen or citizens, sub act or sub ects of such state K . J. . 3. . qmntnesin am- or kingdom, or winch shall hereafter be built m the limits of a state or if b‘;";‘d;l;f;'j kingdom in amity with the United States, or purchased by aciunen or Qq mm-y_ mttzens, subject or subjects of a state or kingdom in amtty with the United States aforesaid, from a citizen or citizens of the United States, shall be admitted into any port or place of the United States, unless E*°°P*l°¤°· forced by stress of weather, or fer. necessary repairs; and any ship or veslsel, hlelnnging to a enyzte: oibctuzgng, ybject or. subjegts of any stat: or me om in ami y wut e mte ta es as a oresan , except suc ships sud vessels as are above excepted, whioh shall, from and after the first day of November next, enter, or attempt to enter any port or place aforesaid, the same, with her cargo, shall be forfeited to the use of the United States. Brmm pack, Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That any British packet or vessel eu,&¤.&.e.may with despatches destined for the United States, and which shall have fggggrldl S°P' departed from any port or place in the United Kingdom of Great Bri- ` tain and Ireland or its de endencies, on or before the first da of Se t b tht} tblibltb t d d dybttli)- em ernex sa no e ia e o ecapure crc0n emne, u e same shall he permitted to enter and depart from any port or place in. cmd, the United States: Provided, that nothin herein contained shall be conags o -u·uee. s rue 0 a ec any car e , or vesse wr ag_ 0 rnce. urmdtdttft tl lthil ft Passpnm mey Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United gf°§3'_;“f°*?‘;_l‘ States be, and he is hereby authorized to give, at any time within six tinh property. h months after the passage of th_is act, passports for the safe transportation 0f' any ship or other property belonging to British subjects, and which is now within the limits of the United States. Ifenalties an Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That every person being u citizen

l**';§ad2°°’;"~;*:; nf the United States, or residing therein, who shall receive, accept, or

3,m,h p,,,,,,_ obtain a license from the government of Great Britain, or any officer thereol] for leave to carry any merchandise, or send any vessel into any port or place within the dominions. of Great Britain, or to trade with (q) Fu. eattl; ar: provisions, or n;_unitions ofgvar within theimeaniglg ol:' the act of gapgresstgg éuly 6, 1812, m h` '; me ic n vessels rom rccee ing to, cr tr in wi ,t e nno U i tutes, mg:;.;-doltigripifosesl Elntteg Sgt? 4;.%%: L. Barber, 9 Craneli, 243; 3-Cgnglnlfcp. 405. Ellnited States . e n,2W at.}]; 0n.e. . U The sznding olY:rmed vessels, or murijitions of war from a neutral country to nbelligerent port, forznle

 qgsrsdergeyhia urtlnzsggul egnéy :3 igubjecta the property tc capture by other belligerenu. The

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