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46 SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 33. 1800. any other scandalous conduct, tending to the destruction of good morals, shall, if an officer, be cashiered, or suffer such other punishment as a court martial shall adjudge; if a private, shall be put in irons, or flogged, at the discretion of the captain, not exceeding twelve lashes; but if the offence require severer punishment, he shall be tried by a court martial, and suffer such punishment as said court shall infiict. Penalties on Art. IV. Every commander or other officer who shall, upon signal gl: l?’°“1f; gf, for battle, or on the probability of an engagement, neglect to clear his of yaiiiack p,,,;, ship for action, or shall not use his utmost exertions to bring his ship to battle. battle, or shall fail to encourage, in his own person, his inferior officers and men to fight courageously, such offender shall uffer death, or such other punishment as a court martial shall adjudge; or any officer neglecting, on sight of any vessel or vessels of an enemy, to clear his ship for action, shall suffer such punishment as a court martial shall adjudge; and if any person in the navy shall treacherously yield, or pusillanimously cry for quarters, he shall suffer death, on conviction thereof, by a eneral court martial. Disobedience glut. V. Every officer or private who shall not properly observe the 5*B*i¤° °f 1***** orders of his commanding officer, or shall not use his utmost exertions ' to carry them into execution, when ordered to prepare for, join in, or when actually engaged in battle; or shall at such time, basely desert his D¤¤¢rtingd¤ty· duty or station, either then, or while in sight of an enemy, or shall induce others to do so, every person so offending shall, on conviction thereof by a general court martial, suffer death or such other punishment as the aid court shall adjudge. puhi.hms¤i,,; Art. VI. Every officer or private who shall through cowardice, no- ¤¤W¤¤¤i¤¤,|¤=· gligence, or disaffection in time of action,withdraw from, or keep out of d°”°h‘ attle, or shall not do his utmost to take or destroy every vessel which it is his duty to encounter, or shall not do his utmost endeavour to afford relief to ships belonging to the United States, every such offender shall, onhconvictipn thereofhby a (general coprt martial, suffer death, or such ot er pums ment as the said court shal adjudge. pspm to be Art. VII. The commandin officer of ever shi or vessel in the nav ,

¤3?j颤;lap¥j>· wlgo shall lpaplture, or seizg tfpon any vesgelyasbsi) igizedshall carefully

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 whole of the originlzils unmutilatedgto the judge of thi-: district to which

gilrstrxct teyrhich such prize is ordered to proceed, and shall transmit to the navy ded5,lK"°’° °" partment, and to the agent appointed to pay the prize money, complete gm oromcm, lits of tg: officirs an? men entitled to a share of the capture, inserting c. erem e qua ity o every person ratin , on ain of forfeitin his whole share of the prize money resulting gem sulizh capture, and gxffer-· mg such further punishment as a court martial shall adjudge. Emmy on pu- _Art. VIII. _No person in the navy shall take out of a prize, or vessel hging a prim, seized _ as prrze, any money, plate, goods, or any part of her rigging, or mhgeauns unless it be for the better preservation thereof, or absolutely necessary ggzrgipszgmtg ;`p];]tihp]é1sp;d¢5§dz:gr;yiof tlpelvessels céf the United States, begfore }:he sipme _ aw u rize a com etent court; ut thew oe, without fraud, concealment? or emibezzlemiint, shall be brought in, and _|udgment_passed thereon, upon pain that every person offending herein shall forfeit his share of the capture, and suffer such further punishment apradcoilirt hmiutial, or the court of admiralty in which the prize is a judge , s al impose. Protection of nrt. IX. No person in the navy shall strip of their clothes, or pillage, ,,,,,0,,, mk,,,, or in any. manner maltreat persons taken on board a prize, on pain of egzgsard of such punishment as a court martial shall adjudge. P · i Art. X. No`person in the navy shall give, hold, or entertain any wglszgzlgsgl intercourse or intelligence to lor with any enemy or rebel, without leave ,,,,1 Nm., M_ from the President of the United States, the Secretary of the Navy, the biaam commander in chief of the fleet, or the commander of a quadrou; or