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808 TWELFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 39. 1813. eight hundred had been tiled, and such evidence delivered before the first day of July, md ***8*1*- one thousand eight hundred and eight, except, that their decisions shall be subject to the revision of Congress. Register, Src. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the gf- *0 ¤·>P•{*‘¤ W register and receiver of each of the said land-offices respectively, to make ,,;,,f°";',?";hc to the commissioner of the general land-office, a report of all the claims general land filed with the register as aforesaid, with the substance of the evidence in °m°€»&°· &¤- support thereof, and of the claims formally tiled, in support of which evidence shall have been received, with the substance of such evidence, and also their opinion and such remarks respecting the claims as they may think proper to make; which report, together with a list of the claims, which in the opinion of the register and receiver ought to be confirmed, shall be laid by the commissioner of the general land-ollice before Congress, at their next session, for their determination thereon. Register and Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the register and receiver for ¤'¢<>¢iY¢¤' ¥¤¤Y each of the aforesaid land-office shall have power to appoint a clerk, °pp°m a °1°rk‘ whose duties shall be the same, in relation to the aforesaid claims, as were required of the clerk to the board of commissioners for the same compensation. districts; and the said registers, receivers, and clerks, shall each be allowed fifty cents for each claim on which a decision shall be made, in their respective districts, whether such decision be in favour or against the claims; which allowance of fifty cents shall be in full compensation for their services under this act. And a further sum of fifty cents shall be allowed on each claim decided as aforesaid, to defiay the expense of making translations from the French and Spanish languages. Approved, February 27, 1813. S-nrc-rz II. -———-— Nb- 27. l8l3· Cr-rn. XXXIX.-An Act to authorize and empower the president and managers """—'"_ of the Washington Turnpike Company y" the State of Marlpland, when orgpnized, to extend and make their turnpi cc road to or from eorgctown in the iatrict of Columbia, through the said district to the line therecf L", of the Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United •¤¢¢ ¤f MMV- States of America in Congress assembled, That the law of the state £;“?ndg:;°d '° of Maryland, entitled “An act to incorporate a company to make a ` turnpike road from the line of the district of Columbia where it crosses the post road leading from Georgetown to Fredericktown, through Montgomery and Frederick counties to Fredericktown," passed in the year one thousand eight hundred and five, and the supplement thereto, be, and they are hereby declared to be in full force, within the district of Columbia. Turnpike ,,,,,1 Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the president and managers in whstrovw to of said company when organized according to law, shall be, and they b° ““d°‘ are hereby authorized and empowered to make said turnpike road from Georgetown in the district of Columbia, through Tennallytown to the line of said district, in the same manner and upon the same terms and conditions, as by law they are authorized to make the said turnpike, within the limits of the state of Maryland. Turnpike gate Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That when and so soon as the Wl¤¤*‘¤dQ¤ BF said turnpike road shall be completed from Georgetown in the district féiitgf gong: of Columbia to Montgomery Courthouse, in the state of Maryland, it bin. shall and may be lawful for the said president and managers of said company, to erect a toll gate on this side oi} and near to Tennallytown, and there to demand an receive such tolls, and on such terms and conditions as by the law of the state of Maryland they are authorized to demand and receive, at any toll gate erected on said road within the limits of the state of Maryland. Approved, February 27, 1813.