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56 SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 38. 1800. Purchase of Sec. 5. And be it jizrtlmr enacted, That for the purcliasze of such "°°k' r°’ “‘° books as may be necessary for the use of Congress at the sand city of u" °m°°gr°°Washington, and for fifting up a suitable apartment for containing them and for placingthem therein,thesum offivethousand dollars shall be, and hereby is appropriated; and that the said purchase shall be made by the Secretary of the Senate andthe Clerk of the House of Representatives, pursuant to such directions as shall be given, and such catalogue as shall be furnished by a joint committee of both houses of Congress to be appointed for that purpose; and that the said books shall be placed in one suitable apartment in the capitol in the said c1ty,for the use of both Pm 129. houses of Congress and the meénbleri tliereot] agcordilgg Elo such regnlations as the committee aforesai s a evise an esta is . Appr-orgiations Sec. 6. And be it further enacted,'That the several appropriations h°“' '° ° P**ld· aforesaid shall be paid out of any monies in the treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated. Approved, April 24, 1800. Srnn·u·rz I. -—-·-··· Ap,-ii QS, 1g0g_ CHAP. XXXVUI.;-—:.6?n Act to authorize the fresiulcnt of the Dhfted States fo —-·—-——- accept, for the Dmted States, zz ccssum of Jurzadzchcn of {hc terrztory west of Pennsylvania, commonly called lhc PVcstcm Reserve of Cormeclicut. The_Pmsment Be it enacted the Senate and House ry"Representatives of the United

¤Y **:2** let- States of America m Congress assembled, That the President of the

lezifgthttrigil United States he, and he hereby is authorized to execute and deliver of the United letters patent in the name and behalf of the United States, to the

£5‘:;*_th¥°W*h<; governor of the state of Connecticut for the time being, for the use and

un Rugve?benefit of the persons holding and claiming under the state of Connecticut, their heirs and assigns for ever, whereby all the right, title, interest and estate of the United States, to the soil of that tract of land lying west of the west line of Pennsylvania, as claimed by the state of Pennsylvania, and as the same has been actually settled, ascertained and run in conformity to an agreement between the said state of Pennsylvania and the state of Virginia, and extending from said line westward one hundred and twent statute miles in lencth and in breadth throu hcut . . . . Y =>. * g the sard limits in length from the completnon of the forty-first degree of north latrtude, until it comes to forty-two degrees and two minutes north latitude, mcluding all that territory commonly called the Western Reserve of onnecticut, and which was excepted by said state of Connecgout out of the cession by the said state heretofore made to the United tates, and accepted by a resolution of Congress of the fburteentli of September, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six, shall be released and conveyed as aforesaid to the said governor of Connecticut, and his successors in said office for ever, for the purpose of quieting the grantees and purchasers under said state of Connecticut and connrmin their . . > g txtles to the soil of the said tract of land. Provides1C0n- Provided however, That such letters patent shall not be executed and

§;¤°‘:; tk? delivered, unless the state of Connecticut shall, within eight months from

Umm Smeg passing this act, hy a legislative act, renouncelfori ever, for the use and certain western benefit of the United States, and of the several individual states who may l¤¤d¤5 he therein concerned respectively, and of all those deriving claims or titles from them or any of them, all territorial and jurisdictional claims wlnateyer, under any grant, charter or charters whatever, to the soil and Jurrsdnction of any and all lands whatever lying westward, northwestward, and southwcstward of those counties in the state of Connecticut, whxch are bounded wcstwardly hy the eastern line of the state of New York, as ascertained by agreement between Connecticut and New York, m the year one thousand seven hundred and thirty-three, excepting only from such renunciation the claim of said state of Connecticut, and of those clmming from or under the said state, to the soil of said tract of