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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 142. 1878. 8] General Land Office, and in conformity with the public land surveys of the United States; For residences for employees at seven Sioux agencies, as required by 19 Stat,256. article seven of above agreement, pay of a matron at the Santee agency, and for pay of second blacksmith, and furnishing iron, steel, and other material per eighth article of the same treaty, twenty-one thousand eight hundred dollars; in all, one million five hundred and eighteen thousand two hundred dollars. sroux, srssEToN, AND WAHPETON, AND SANTEE s1oUx on LAKE Si¤¤¤¤<> 11 Md rriuvnnsn AND Dnv1L’s LAKE. ggglagjlgok Md For sixth of ten installments of the sum of eight hundred thousand 1874.cb- 389- dollars, named in a certain agreement confirmed by act approved June IB S°“*·· 16* twenty-second, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, made by the commissioners appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, under the provisions of the act of June seventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, 1872»¤b·325· with the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Sioux Indians, for the relin- 17 S"°°·· 281· quishment by said Indians of their claim to, or interest in, the lands described in the second article of the treaty made with them February 15 S¤¤·i¤·,505· nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, the same to be expended, under the direction of the President, for the benefit of said Indians, in the manner prescribed in said treaty of eighteen hundred and sixty- seven as amended by the Senate, said amendment as amended having been ratified by the Indians, as provided by act of February fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, eighty thousand dollars. sroux, YANxroN rama. Y¤¤k*<>¤ Si<>¤¤· For last of ten installments, second series, to be paid to them or U S¤¤·*¤·»744· expended for their benefit, per fourth article of treaty of April nineteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, forty thousand dollars; For subsistence and civilization of two thousand Yankton Sioux, 19 $*%.287- heretofore provided for in appropriations under “Fuliilling treaty with Sioux of different tribes ”, fifty thousand dollars; in all, ninety thousand dollars. SNAKES, WAL·PAH-PEE rrmnn. Sum;-peh-ree For seventh of ten installments, to be expended under the direction I4 Sm-.684- of the President, as per seventh article of treaty of August twelfth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, one thousand two hundred dollars. g’KLALLAMg_ S’K1a1lams. For nineteenth of twenty installments, last series, to be applied to the 12 SW=·»934· use and benefit of said Indians, under the direction of the President, per fifth article of treaty of January twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, one thousand six hundred dollars; For nineteeth of twenty installments, for the support of an agricultu- 12 S*¤*·»935· ral and industrial school, and for pay for suitable teachers, per eleventh article of same treaty, two thousand five hundred dollars; For nineteenth of twenty installments, for the employment of a blacksmith, carpenter, farmer, and a physician, per same article and treaty, three thousand six hundred dollars ; For support of a smith and carpenter shop, and to provide the neces sary tools therefor, per same article and treaty, five hundred dollars; in all, eight thousand two hundred dollars. nuns, TABEQUACHE BAND. Ugh=:sb¤q¤¤¤h¤ For pay of blacksmith, as per tenth article of treaty of October seventh, 13 Stat-. 675· eighteen hundred and sixtythree, seven hundred and twenty dollars. xx—6