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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 155. 1878. Q3 For the consul at Liverpool, six thousand dollars. For salaries of consuls, vice-consuls, commercial agents, and thirteen golralsgilgr clerks, three hundred and four thousand six hundred dollars, CLASS I.—At $4,000. per annum. Class mw- GREAT BRITAIN. Hong-Kong. HAWAIIAN ISLANDS Honolulu. CLASS II.—At $3,500. per annum. Class two. CHINA. Foochow; Hankow; Canton; Amoy; Tien-Tsin; Chin-Kiang; Nmgpo. PERU. Callao. CLASS III.—At $3,000 per annum. C138S N1106- GREAT BRITAIN. Manchester; Glasgow; Bradford; Demerara. FRENCH DOMINIONS. Havre. SPANISH DOMINIONS. Matanzas. MEXICO. Vera Cruz. UNITED STATES OF COLOMBIA. Panama ; Colon (Aspinwall). ARGENTIN E REPUBLIC. Buenos Ayres. BARBARY STATES. Tripoli; Tunis; Tangier. JAPAN. Nagasaki; Osaka and Hiogo. SIAM. Bangkok. CHILI. Valparaiso.