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FORTY·FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 155. 1878. 95 BRAZIL. Pernambuco. MADAGASCAR. Tamatave. URUGUAY. Montevideo. TURKISH DOMINIONS. Beirut; Smyrna. CLASS VI.—At $1,500 per annum. gi", sk, GREAT BRITAIN. Bristol; New Castle; Auckland; Gibraltar; Cape Town; Saint Helena; Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island); Port Stanley; Clifton; Picton; Winnipeg; Maha; Kingston (Canada); Prescott; Port Sarnia; Quebec; Saint John’s (Canada); Barbadoes; Bermuda; Fort Erie; Goderich (Canada West); Windsor (Canada West). FRENCH DOMINIONS. Nice; Martinique. SPANISH DOMINIONS. Cadiz ; Malaga; Barcelona. PORTUGUESE DOMINIONS. Fayal (Azores); Funchal. BELGIUM. Verviers and Liege. GERMANY. Munich ; Stuttgart; Mannheim. DOMINIONS OF THE NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam. DANISH DOMINIONS. Copenhagen. SWITZERLAND. Geneva. ITALY. Genoa; Naples; Leghorn; Florence; Palermo; Messina. TURKISH DOMINIONS. Jerusalem.