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98 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 155. 1878. I¤$_oYl°F¤f<>fS» For interpreters, guards, and other expenses at the consulates at °“’·= 1“*k“Y· Constantinople, Smyrna., Cairo, Jerusalem, and Beirut, in the Turkish L b dominions, three thousand dollars. l _ c,mn°g‘;? Y °X` For loss by exchange on consular service, eight thousand dollars. Contingencies_ For contingent expenses of United States consulates, such as stationery, book-cases, arms of the United States, seals, presses, and flags, rent, freight, postage, and other necessary mi cellancous matters, including loss by exchange, ono hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. Prim can-mi w Every consular officer shall furnish to the Secretary of the Treasury, or b•¢.frM‘1¤i·¤h¢‘¢l by C0"- to such officers of the customs as he may direct, as often BS may be 1*8- ““""" quired, the prices current of all articles of merchandise usually exported to the United States from the port or place in which he is stationed; and authority is hereby vested in the Secretary of the Treasury to re- R_S_,,·;;2_P_30(;_ quirc a compliance with this provision ; but this provision shall not have the effect to impair the provisions of section seventeen hundred and twelve of the Revised Statutes. Spanish emma For salaries and expenses of the United State and Spanish Claims Commission. Commission, namely: For commissioner, three thousand dollars; lor counsel, three thousand dollars; for secretary, nine hundred dollars; for messenger, three hundred dollars; for contingent expenses, seven hundred and fifty dollars; making in all the sum of seven thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars. 1;,,,,,0; I,,,S0,,,_ For rent of prisons for American convicts in Siam and Turkey, and for wages of keepers of the same, including loss by exchange, two thousand dollars. For rent of prison for American convicts in China, one thousand tive hundred dollars; for wages of keepers, care of offenders, and expenses, nine thousand five hundred dollars. For rent of prison for American convicts in Japan, seven hundred and fifty dollars. For wages of keepers, care of offenders, and expenses, five thousand do lars. Rent of court- For rent of court-house and jail, with grounds appurtenant, at Yeddo, house, ow-, Yoddo- or such other place as shall be designated, three thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. Rent of build- For rent of buildings for legation and other purposes at Peking, or i¤e¤, Poki¤- supli other place as shall be designated, three thousand one hundred dollars. Bringing home For bringing home from foreign countries persons charged with crimes, rmwogimggorgod anddeexpgnses incidental thereto, including loss by exchange, five thou- · san dollars. Relief nr Ameri- For relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countries, on seamen- fifty thousand dollars. Rescue from For expenses of acknowledging the services of masters and crews of ¤bipwrook· foreign vessels in rescuing American citizens from shipwreck, four thousand five hundred dollars. Cape Sparta] For annual proportion of the expenses of Cape Spartel light, on the light- coast of Morocco, two hundred and eighty-five dollars. Widows and For allowance to widows or heirs of deceased diplomatic and consulwirs of diplomatic lar olhcers for the time that would be necessarily occupied in making °·“‘l °°““l“' °m‘ the transit from the post of duty of the deceased to his residence in the °°§:;,,,,.,c,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,0 United States, five thousand dollars. And the salaries provided in this bcinfull. ’ act for the officers within named respectively shall be in full for the annual salaries thereof from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight; and all laws and parts of laws in conflict with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed. N,,,,mm,y mg To meet the necessary expenses attendant upon the execution of the neutrality act, to be expended under the direction of the President, R_ S0 291, ,,_ 4g_ pursuant tc the requirement of section two hundred and ninety-one oi the Revised Statutes, five thousand dollars. Approved, June 4, 1878.