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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1I. Ch. 180. 1878. 105 sale of property for delinquent taxes, the redemption thereotl the proceedings to enforce the lien upon unredeemed property, and every other act and thing now required to be done in the premises, shall be done and performed at the times and in the manner now provided by law, except in so far as is otherwise provided by this act: Provided, That the Limit of taxarate of taxation in any one year shall not exceed one dollar and fifty l¤i¤¤· cents on every one hundred dollars of real estate not exempted by law; and on personal property not taxable elsewhere, one dollar and fifty cents on every one hundred dollars, according to the cash valuation thereof: And provided further, Upon real property held and used exclu· Agri cultural sively for agricultural purposes, without the limits of the cities of lssds- Washington and Georgetown, and to be so designated by the assessors in their annual returns, the rate lor any one year shall not exceed one _ dollar on every one hundred dollars. The collector of taxes, upon the T"·* “°*·'°°- receipt of the duplicate of assessment, shall give notice for one week, · in one newspaper published in the city of ¥Vashington, that he is ready to receive taxes; and any person who shall, within thirty days after Dsduslislb stssuch notiee given, pay the taxes assessed against him, shall be allowed {:;n,}“`°“‘P° P"' ' by the collector a deduction of five per centum on the amount of his ' tax; all penalties imposed by the act approved March third, eighteen 18`77·¢=h-gg hundred and seventy-seven, chapter one hundred and seventeen, upon 19 S°“*‘· ‘ delinqnents for default in the payment of taxes levied under said act, at the times specified therein, shall, upon payment of the said taxes assessed against such delinquents within three months from the passage of this act, with interest at the rate of six per cent thereon, be remitted. Sec. 4. That the said Commissioners may, by general regulations Regulations oi consistent with the act of Congress of March third, eighteen hundred P°Y“'°”" °f muand seventy-seven, entitled "An act for the support of the government mfg,, cb u., of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, 19 gi¤ef_3gé_ eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and for other purposes", or with 1s7·9,eh.182, other existing laws, prescribe the time or times for the payment of all Pest M0- taxes and the duties of assessors and collectors in relation thereto. All taxes collected shall be paid into the Treasury of the United States, and the same, as well as the appropriations to be made by Congress as aforesaid, shall be disbursed for the expenses of said District, on itemized Disbursements. vouchers, which shall have been audited and approved by the auditor of the District of Columbia, certified by said Commissioners, or a majority of them; and the accounts of said Commissioners, and the tax- Settlement etcecollectors, and all other officers required to account, shall be settled and °°“¤*s· adjusted by the acconntingotiicers of the Treasury Department of the United States. Herealter the Secretary of the Treasury shall pay the Interest on 3.65 interest on the three-sixty-tive bonds of the District of Columbia issued beegs- b m in pursuance of the act of Congress approved June twentieth, eighteen ,8 g£{;’t_‘,i6_· hundred and seventy-tour, when the same shall become due and payable; ’ and all amounts so paid shall be credited as a part of the appropriation for the year by the United States toward the expenses of the District ot' Columbia, as hereinbetore provided: _ Sec. 5. That hereafter when any repairs of streets, avenues, alleys, R¤1•=»¤r¤,<>¢<=- or sew. rs within the District of Columbia are to be made, or when new pavements are to be substituted in place of those worn out, new ones laid, or new streets opened, sewers built, or any works the total cost of _ which shall exceed the sum of one thousand dollars, notice shall be Ad"°'*'”°m°“*· given in one newspaper in Washington and if the total cost shall exceed five thousand dollars, then in one newspaper in each of the cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore also for one week, for proposals, P'°I’°°'*lswith full specifications as to materials for the whole or any portion of the works proposed to be done; and the lowest responsible proposal tor the kind and character of pavement or other work which the Com- _ missioners shall de·ternrine upon shall in all cases be accepted: Provided, P¤>¤¤¢>¤· houeccr, That the Commissioners shall have the right-, in their dis-_ cretion, to reject all ot such proposals: 1’ro*vidcd, That work capable ot being executed under a single contract shall not be subdivided so as to