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FOBTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 190, 191. 1878. 115 to an act to punish crimes against the United States, and for other pur- 1857.¤1¤· 116. poses", approved March third, eighteen hundred and nfty-seven, shall u S*·‘**°·· 250- gxtelnd to all oaths, aiiirmations, and aiiidavits required or authorized R·S·5392»P·1°5°· y this act. SEG 7. That parties who have already made entries under the acts Entry under ferapproved March third. eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and March ¤¤°’ Wsthirteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, of which this is amenda· }$7g,,,,‘,;h‘62gg’ tory shall he permitted to complete the same upon full compliance with ,8,,, 0,:55 ' the provisions of this act; that is, they shall, at the time of making 18 SL,,,_;2lf their final proof, have had under cultivation, as required by this act, an almount of timber sufficient to make the number of acres required by t is act. Sno 8. All acts and parts of acts in conflict with this act are hereby Bepeals. repealed. Approved, June 14, 1878. CHAP. 191.—An act makin ro ri» n l e i iesi e a ro ' tions for the fiscal year endqnggung t9l1?1?ti):thT:igl1li:e’e1i1 liisnidlrzd arildtsllavexitly-eigxlic, and prior years, and for those heretofore treated as permanent, for reappropriations, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, Detieiencynppreand they are hereby, appropriated, to supply deficiencies in. the appro- P*1W°¤¤· priations for the service of the government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and for former years, and for other purposes, namely: DEPARTMENT OF STATE. FOREIGN INTEBOOURSE. For salaries of consuls-general, consuls, vice-consuls, commercial _Gonsn1nr seinagents, and clerks, being deficiencies, as follows: For the iiscal year ¤°°· eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and prior years, six hundred and sixty-seven dollars and fifty-one cents; eighteen hundred and seventy- three, three hundred and thirty-three dollars and seventy-five cents; eighteen hundred and seventyfouryone thousand one hundred and fifty dollars and eighty-two cents; eighteen hundred and seventy-tive, one thousand three hundred and fifty-four dollars and twenty cents. To effect a transfer of accounts in the State Department, under appropriations for consular salaries, involving no expenditure of money from the Treasury, as follows: For the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-two, one hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents; eighteen hundred and seventy-three, two thousand one hundred and forty- tive dollars and sixty centsgeighteen hundred and seventy-four, one thousand three hundred and fifty-five dollars and ninety-nine cents; eighteen hundred and seventy-five, six thousand six hundred and ninety-six dollars and twenty-five cents. To adjust the accounts of F. M. Oordeiro, United States vicecon ul F. M. Cordeiro. at Rio de Janeiro, for salary from April twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and seven ty-one, to August fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-two of six hundred and fifty-tive dollars and six cents; and to eifect a transfer of his accounts, involving no expenditure of money from the Treasury, being for eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and prior years, tive hundred and forty-three dollars and ninety-six cents; for eighteen hundred and seventy-two, five thou and one hundred and fifty-seven dollars and forty-tour cents; and for eighteen hundred and seventy- three, five hundred and eighty-six dollars and ninety-tive cents. _ For stationery, book-cases, arms of the United States, seals, presses, Contingent exand flags, rent, freights, postage, and miscellaneous items, being de- {:*,2* ° °°°°°‘ iiciencies, as follows : For the ti cal year eighteen hundred and seventy- '