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FORTY-FIFTH CLNGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 213, 214. 1878. 135 song robin, martin, mocking-bird, swallow, oriole, red or cardinal bird, cathird, pewit, whip—poor-will, gold-finch, sap·sncker, hanging-bird, wood-pecker, crow black-bird, or any other insectivorons bird, save as herein provided, under a penalty of two dollars for each bird killed or in possession dead. Sec. 10. That no person hall rob the nest of any wild bird of eggs or Rob ning, etc., young, or destroy such nest, unless in the necessary prosecution of farm- wild l>i¤l¤’ ¤o¤t¤· ing business, under a penalty of two dollars for each egg or bird so taken, and under a penalty of five dollars for each nest destroyed. Sec. 11. That no person shall trap, net, or ensnare any wild bird or _Tmppi¤g wild water-fowl, or have in possession any trap, net, or snare, with the intent budsto capture or kill any wild bird or water-fowl, under a penalty of five dollars for every bird or water-fowl so trapped, netted, or ensnared, and under a further penalty of twenty dollars for having in possession any such net, trap, or snare; and such net, trap, or snare shall be forfeited and destroyed Sec. 12. That no person shall at any time kill or shoot at any wild Killing wild duck, wild goose, or wild brandt with any other gnu than such as are d¤<>k§» ¤i¤·» with habitually raised at arm’s length and tired from the shoulder, under a °°'““" g“““· penalty of five dollars for each and every wild fowl so killed, and under the further penalty of twenty-five dollars for tiring such gun at any wild fowl as aforesaid, or having said gun in possession. Sec. 13. That no person shall kill or shoot at any bird or wild fowl _KiUi¤g birds ut in the night-time, under a. penalty of twenty-five dollars for every bird ”‘gh*· or wild fowl so killed, and under the further penalty of ten dollars for shooting at any bird or wild fbwl in the night-time as aforesaid. Sec. 14. That persons in killing birds for scientific purposes, or in Killing birds for possession of them for breeding, shall be exempt from the operations of ’°‘°°'”6° P“’P°°°“· this act by proving affirmatively such purposes; and the possession shall in all cases be presumptive evidence of unlawful purpose. Sec. 15. That any person who shall knowingly trespass on the lands Trespgssiug on of another for the purpose of shooting or hunting thereon, after due {'·1"°?°'“ lands m notice, or notice as provided for in the following section, by the owner un mg' or occupant of lands, shall be liable to such owner or occupant in excmplary damages to an amount not exceeding one hundred dollars, and shall also be liable to a fine of ten dollars for each and every trespass so committed. The possession of implements of shooting on such lands shall be presumptive evidence of the trespass. Sec. 16. That the notice referred to in the preceding section shall be Notice to tresgiven by erecting and maintaining sign-boards at least eight by twelve P¤¤¤¤1`¤· inches in dimension, on the borders of the premises, and at least two such signs for every fifty acres; and any person who shall maliciously _Destroying noteur down or in any my manner deface or injure any of such sign·boards ¤¢=·=¤· shall be liable to a penalty of not less than five dollars-nor more than twenty-five dollars for each and every sign-board so torn down, defaced or injured. Sec. 17. That there shall be no shooting, or having in possession in Shooting or corthe open air the implements for shooting, on the first day of the week, fgsng ¥!““ °“ S““‘ called Sunday; and any person violating the provisions of this section y' shall be liable to a penalty of not more than twenty-five dollars nor less than ten dollars for each offense. Sec. 18. That all acts or parts of acts now in force in the District of Ropcals. Columbia, inconsistent with the provisions of this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed. Approved, June 15, 1878. CHAP. 214.—Au act to incorporate the National Fair Grounds Association. June 15, 1878. Be it enacted bz the Senate and House of Representatives of the United . . States of America-/in Congress assembled, That J ohn S. Barbour, Edmund Ggggss °1A,,E`,,°:,,l,: F. Beale, Richard Wallach, John A. Baker, S. V. Niles, J. O. P. Burnside, tion.