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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 215. 1878. 139 paragoric and other preparations of opium containing less than two grains to the ounce; SCHEDULE B. Aconite, belladonna, colchicum, coniuin, nux vomica, henbaue, savin, ergot, cotton-root, cantharides, creosote, digitalis, and their pharmaceutical preparations, croton~oil, chloroform, chloral hydrate, sulphate of zinc, mineral acids, carbolic acid, and oxalic acid, without distinctly labeling the box, vessel, or paper in which the said poison is contained, and also the outside wrapper or cover, with the name of the article, the word “ poison", and the name and place of business of the seller. Nor shall it be lawful for any person to sell or deliver any poisons enumerated in Schedules A and B, unless, upon due inquiry, it be found that the purchaser is aware of its poisonous character, and represents that it is to be used for a legitimate purpose. Nor shall it be lawful for any registered pharmacist to sell any poisons included in Schedule A withont, before delivering the same to the purchaser, causing an entry to be made, in a book kept for that purpose, stating the date of sale, the name and address of the purchaser, the name and quality of the poison sold, the purpose for which it is represented by the purchaser to be required, and the name of the dispenser; such book to be always open for inspection by the proper authorities, and to be preserved for reference for at least five years. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the dispensing of poisons, in not unusual quantities or doses, upon the prescriptions of practitioners of medicine. Nor shall it be lawful for any Selling alcelielic licensed or registered druggist or pharmacist in the District of Colum- liqeere ee beverbia to retail, or sell, or give away any alcoholic liquors or compounds, “g°“· as a beverage, to be drunk or consumed upon the premises. And any Penalty. violation of the provisions of this section shall make the owner or principal of said store or pharmacy liable to a fine of not less than twenty- five and not more than one hundred dollars, to be collected in the usual manner. Sec. 11. Any itinerant vender of any drug, nostrum, ointment, or Itinemnt vend. appliance of any kind, intended for the treatment of diseases or injury, ers. or who shall, by writing, or printing, or any other method, publicly profess to care or treat diseases, injury, or deformity, by any drug, nostrum, manipulation, or other expedient, shall pay a license of two hundred License. dollars per annum into the treasury of the District of Columbia, to be collected in the usual way. ` Sec. 12. That any person who shall procure or attempt to procure Ijalse represenregistration for himself or for another under this act, by making or ****0***- causing to be made any false representation, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction thereof, be liable toa penalty Penalty. of not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars, and the name of the person so haudulentl y registered shall be stricken from the register. Any person, not a registered pharmacist as provided for in C c ndueting this act, who shall conduct a store, pharmacy, or place for retailing, Pharmacy W¤*h°¤* compounding, or dispensing drugs, medicines, or chemicals, for medic- r°g‘“'y‘ inal use, or for compounding or dispensing physicians’ prescriptions, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, Pe¤¤l¤y· shall be liable to a penalty of not less than fifty dollars. Sec. 13. That all fines and penalties under this act shall be collected Collect ion ef in the same manner that other lines and penalties are collected in the ““°°» °*°- District of Columbia; and it shall be the duty of the United States district attorney for the District of Columbia to prosecute all violations of this act. Sec. 14. That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act be, B¤P¤el¤· and the same are hereby, repealed. Approved, June 15, 1878.