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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 259. 1878. I4I For preparation and publication of post-route maps, thirty-tive thou- Poet-mute maps. sand dollars; and the Postmaster-General may authorize the publiea- ·$¤'¤°fM1>¤- tion and sale of said maps to individuals at the cost thereof, the proceeds of said sales to be applied as a. further appropriation for said purpose. For advertising, sixty thousand dollars: Provided, That the Post- Advertising. master-General shall cause advertisements of all general mail-lettings - of each State and Territory to be conspicuously posted up in each post- Advertismncnts to omce in the State and Territory embraced in said advertisements for at l*6P°*l¢d up- . least sixty days before the time of such general letting; and no other advertisement of such lettings shall be required; but this provision shall n'0t apply to any other than general mail-lettings. For miscellaneous items in the office of the Postmaster-General, one Miscellaneous thousand five hundred dollars. items. OFFICE OF THE FIRST ASSISTANT POSTMASTEB GENERAL.-For Postmastere. compensation to postmasters, seven million two hundred and nfty thousand dollars. That the compensation of postmasters of the fourth class shall be the g,,,,,,,,,,,,.,;;,,,, of whole of the box-rents collected at their offices and commissions on un- postmascere offourth paid letter-postage collected, on amounts received from waste-paper, °’”·”· dead newspapers, printed matter, and twine sold, and on postage-stamps, stamped envelopes, postal cards, and newspaper and periodical stamps canceled as postages on matter actually mailed at their offices, at the following rate, namely: On the first one hundred dollars or less per quarter, sixty per centum ; ou all over one hundred dollars and not over three hundred dollars per quarter, fifty per centum; and on all 0V6P three hundred dollars per quarter, forty per centum; the same to be ascertained and allowed by the Auditor in the settlement of the accounts of such postmasters, upon their sworn quarterly returns: Provided, When exceeding That when the compensation of any postmaster of this class shall reach $1-900. wary to be one thousand dollars per annum, exclusive of commissions on money- “'l7'“’“d· order business, and when the returns to the Auditor for {our quarters shall show him to be entitled to a compensation in excess of that amount under section seven of the act of July twelith, eighteen hundred and 1g76th_11g, ` seventy six, the Auditor shall report such fact to the Postmaster-Gen 19 Stat., 81. eral, who shall assign him to his proper class, and fix his salary as provided by said section: Providodjurtlwr, That in no case shall there be Limff to ,,,,,,W,,- allowed to any postmaster of this class a compensation greater than two simon. hundred and fifty dollars in any one quarter, exclusive of money-order commissions. ' That in any case where thePostmaster-General shall be satistied that Whcneommiaaiom a postmaster has made a false return of business, it shall be within his MU be wml7W1d- discretion to withhold commissions on such returns, and to allow any compensation that under the circumstances he may deem reasonable: Provided, That the form of aflidavit to be made by postmasters upon Amduvit. heir returns shall be such as may be prescribed by the Postmaster-Gem eral ; and any postmaster who shall make a false return to the Auditor, Penalty jew jam. iorthepurpose of fraudulently increasing his compensation under the provisions of this or any other act, shall he deemed guilty of a. misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall be Hned in a. sum not less than fiity nor more than five hundred dollars, or imprisoned for a. term not exceeding one year, or punished by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court; and no postmaster of any class, or other person Unlawful use of connected with the postal service, inrrusted with the sale or custody of atampaew. postage-stamps, stamped envelopes, or postal cards, shall use or dispose of them in the payment of debts or in the purchase of merchandise or other salable articles, or pledge or hypothecate the same, or sell or dispose of them except for cash, or sell or dispose of postage-stamps or postal cards for any larger or less sum than the values indicated on their iaces, or sell or dispose of stamped envelopes for a larger or less sum than is charged therefor by the Post-Oiiice Department for like quantities, or sell or dispose of postage-stamps, stamped envelopes, or postal