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146 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 263. 1878. not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the Army, for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, as follows: Commanding For expenses of the commanding general’s office, two thousand tive ·'¥°“°"*1'*’ °m°°· hundred dollars. Recruiting. For expenses of recruiting and transportation of recruits, seventy-tivo L*""‘ ,°f "“'”'”" thousand dollars. And no money appropriated by this act shall be paid °f m'"""' for recruiting the Army beyond the number of twenty-five thousand enlisted men, including Indian scouts and hospital-stewards. Nothing, however, in this act shall be construed to prevent enlistments for the 11n1mm ems in Signal Service, which shall hereafter be maintained as now organized »$i0M¢ $¢¢¢"vi¢¢· and as provided by law, with a force of enlisted men not exceeding four hundred and fifty, after present terms of enlistment have expired. Adjutant-Gener For contingent expenses of the Adjutant-General’s Department at ¤»1’¤ Department- the headquarters of military divisions and departments, three thousand dollars. Signal service, For expenses of the Signal Service of the Army, purchase, equipment, and repair of electric field-telegraphs and signal-equipments, ten thousand five hundred dollars. pay of Army, PAY DEPARTMENT.—FOP pay of the commissioned and non-com mi - sioned officers, privates (including those employed as Indian scouts), storekeepers, musicians, and veterinary surgeons, artiiicers, iarriers, and saddlers, except as hereinafter enumerated, nine million three hundred and eighty-iour thousand dollars. Cont rao t-su1·· MISCELLANEOUS.—For the pay of contract-surgeons, ODS hundred and gcoss. eighty thousand dollars. P ay m a stsrw For the pay of fifty-four paymasters’ clerks, sixty-four thousand eight clerks. hundred dollars. (hlospital-ste w- For the pay of two hundred hospital-stewards, seventy-two thousand ar s. dollar . Hospi tal-ma- For the pay of two hundred hospitalmatrons, twenty-four thousand ¤¤¤¤¤- dollars. Csmmissa1-y—ssr- For one hundred and forty-eight commissary-sergeants, sixty thousand 8<>¤¤*¤· three hundred and eighty-four dollars. Messen gsrs to For messengers to paymasters, fifteen thousand dollars. avmasters. P Extra-duty pay. For extra-duty pay to enlisted men, thirty thousand dollars. Tm,,ci_,,ay_ For travel-pay and commutation of subsistence to discharged soldiers, three hundred and forty thousand two hundred and sixty-three dollars and sixty hve cents. Retained pgy_ For retained pay to discharged men, two hundred and fifty-five thousand eight hundred axzd thirteen dollars and twenty cents. Q§ggrg’· qui- For commutation of officers’ quarters at places where there are no ters. public quarters, one hundred and fifty-six thousand dollars. Cidthiiig not For pay to soldiers for clothing not drawn, three hundred and forty draws. three thousand two hundred and seventy-eight dollars and thirty-three » cents. Additional P dy For additional pay to enlisted men, three hundred and ninety-tive to enlisted msn. thousand one hundred and forty-eight dollars. Mii,,,,g,,_ For mileage of officers of the Army when travelin g under orders, two hundred thousand dollars. Telegram;. wit- For cost of telegrams ; compensation of citizen witne ses attendingupou uesses,eto. courts-martial, military commissions, courts of inquiry; traveling ex— p,,,,,i,o_ penses of paymasters’ clerks, eighty thousand dollars: Provided, That the appropriations under the head of “Pay Department " in this act, Appropriation-ao amounting to eleven million five hundred and eighty-niue thousand two ¢‘<¤¢¤¢~ hundred and eighty-seven dollars and eighteen cents, shall be accounted for by disbursing-officers under the title of “Pay, and so forth, of the Army, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine"; and in case any item of the said appropriations, shall prove insumcient for its purpose, the excess in any other item or items thereof may with the written consent of the Proviao. Secretary of War, be applied thereto: Provided, however, That the total amount appropriated under this head shall not be exceeded.