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148 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 263. 1878. for the transportation of supplies and for garrison purposes; for dray- age and cartage at the several posts ; hire of teamsters; transportation of funds for the pay and other disbursing departments; the expense of sailing public transports on the various rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic and Pacific; for procuring water at such posts as, from their situation require it to be brought from a distance; and for clearing roads, and for removing obstructions from roads, harbors, and rivers, to the extent which may be required for the actual operations of the troops in the field, four million two hundred thousand dollars. Qnmere- For hire of quarters for troops, of storchouses for the safekeepi u g of military stores, of offices, and of grounds for camp and summer cantonments, and for temporary frontier stations; for the construction of temporary huts and stables; and for repairing public buildings at established posts, eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars; of which the Secretary of War be, and he hereby is, authorized in his discretion, to expend the sum of sixty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may Buildings at be necessary, in the construction of suitable buildings for storehouses Omaha. and offices at Omaha, Nebraska; and in case any item of the said appropriations for “regular supplies,” ‘*incidental expenses," “barracks p.y;C.;,,,,_»;e,_ and quarters,” and “ army transportation” shall prove insufficient for its iranqrm. purpose, the excess in any other of these items may, with the written p,·,,,,;,o_ consent of the Secretary of War, be applied thereto: Provided, however, That the total amount appropriated under these heads shall not be exceeded. Hospitals. I For construction and repair of hospitals, seventy-five thousand dollars. Clothing. For purchase and manufacture of clothing and camp and garrison equipage, and for preserving and repacking the stock of clothing and camp and garrison equipage and materials on hand at the Philadelphia, J etiersonville, and other depots of the Quartermaster’s Department, nine hundred thousand dollars. Cemeteries. For maintaining and improving national cemeteries, one hundred thousand dollars. For pay of seventy-one superintendents, fifty-nine thousand dollars. 0 ou tingent, For all contingent expenses of the Army not provided for by other ·*’“‘Y· estimates, and embracing all branches of the military service, to be expended under the immediate orders of the Secretary of War, forty thousand dollars. 1,;,,,;;,,,;,,,,;;,,,,. MEmcAL DE1>A1z·rMEN1*.—For purchase of medical and hospital suppim] supplies. plies, medical care and treatment of officers and soldiers on detached duty, expenses of purveying depots, advertising, and other miscellanepus expenses of the Medical Department, two hundred thousand dollars. _ , Museum. For the Army Medical Museum, and for medical and other works for the library of the Surge0n·General’s Office, ten thousand dollars. Medica1,etc.,hi¤- And there is hereby reappropriated the unexpended balance for coml°W· pleting the Medical and Surgical History of the War the sum of twelve thousand eight hundred and eighty- three dollars and eighty-five cents. 1877, cb. 105, And the unexpended balance of the appropriation made by the act of 19 Stef-,360 March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, for preparation of illustrations to complete the second edition of the Medical and Surgical History of the War, Part Three, amounting to seventeen thousand four hundred and fourteen dollars and ninety-eight cents, is hereby reappropriated and made available for the preparation of illustrations for any part of the work. ' Engineer depot- ENGINEER DEPABTMENT.—FOY engineer depot at Willets Point, New York, namely: For purchase of engineering materials to continue the present course of instruction of the engineer battalion in field engineering, one thousand dollars. For incidental expenses of the depot, remodeling ponton·trains, repairing instruments, fuel, forage, stationery, chemicals, extra-duty pay, and ordinary repairs, four thousand dollars.