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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ou. 263. 1878. [5] such military posts west of the Mississippi River, as may be from time to time designated by the Secretary of War, and not otherwise as follows: To the General five horses; To the Lieutenant General tour horses; To a major-general three horses; To a brigadier-general, three horses; To a colonel, two horses; To a lieutenant·colonel, two horses; To a major, two horses; To a captain (mounted), two horses; To a lieutenant (mounted), two horses; To an adjutant, two horses; To a regimental quartermaster, two horses. SBC. 9. That at all posts and stations where there are public quarters quartora in kind. belonging to the United States, officers may be furnished with quarters in kind in such public quarters,and not elsewhere, by the Quartermaster’s Department, assigning to the officers of each grade, respectively, such number of rooms as is now allowed to such grade by the rules and regulations of the Army : Provided, That at places where there are no public Promo. quarters, commutation therefor may be paid l‘y the Pay Department to Commmozion. the officer entitled to the same at a rate not exceeding ten dollars per room per month, and the commutation for quarters allowed to the General shall be at the rate of one hundred and twenty-five dollars per month, and to the Lieutenant General at the rate of seventy dollars per month. Sec. 10. That three Senators, to be appointed by the President of the Cvwniiiey vn rv- Seuate, and five members of the House to be appointed by the Speaker ;’If,';"'”“"°" "f ot' the House, are hereby constituted a joint committee, to whom the y' whole subject matter of reform and reorganization of the Army of the United States shall be and is hereby referred, and said committee shall have power to send for persons and papers, to employ a clerk and stenographer, and shall have leave to sitduring the recess of Congress; and the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to detail, upon the request of the committee, one or more officers to act as secretaries thereof. The Public Printer shall print such documents as the committee may require. Sec. 11. That said committee shall carefully and thoroughly examine Maffm iv M w into the matter with reference to the demands of the public service, as “"""“'· to the number and pay of men and officers, and the proportion of the several arms; and also as to the rank, pay, and duties of the several stad corps, and whether any and what reductions can be made, either in the line, field, or staff, in numbers or in pay, by consolidation or otherwise, consistently with the public service, having in view a just and reasonable economy in the expenditure of public money, the actual necessities of the military service, and in the capacity for rapid and effective increase in time of war. Sec. 12. That said committee shall assemble as soon as practicable Morning. at such place as they may select, and proceed to the consideration of the matters with which they are charged, and make report to Congress Report. by the first day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, with all the evidence, of record or otherwise, which they shall have received and considered. And the sum of five thousand dollars, or so much Appropriation. thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to uorray the expenses of said committee, to be expended under the direction of the chairman thereof. Sec. 13. That from and after the passage of this act, all promotions Promotions and in the Army, in each and every grade, arm, corps and department °PP*’"**’M'•”· thereof, shall cease; and thereafter no promotions or appointments shall be made to fill any vacancy which may occur, or be created therein, until after such report shall be made and acted upon by Congress: