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FCRTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 326, 327, 328. 1878. 177 of Michigan shall continue to have the same jurisdiction in reference to all crimes and offenses committed prior to the passage of this actin any portion of the State of Michigan by this act detached from said eastern district and attached to said western district. Sec. 8. All provisions of law in conflict with this act are hereby Ropes1s. repealed. Sec. 9. There shall be one or more terms of the district court for the Toms at Port eastern district of Michigan, held annually at the United States court H'“'°¤· room in the city of Port Huron in said district, in the discretion of the yudge of said district court, and at such times as he shall appoint thereor. Approved, June 19, 1878. CHAP. 327.-Au act to legalize the collection of head-moneys already paid. June 19,1578. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rqmcsentatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the acts of every State Head-money. and municipal officer or corporation of the several States of the United P¤¤¤ ¤¤U¤<=1l¤¤¤ States in the collection of head-moneys prior to the first day of January, ff·‘3TS°3*°°m“"r eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, from the master, consignee, or °g In ' owner of any vessel bringing passengers to the United States from a iorcign port, pursuant to the then existing laws of the several States, shall be valid, and no action shall be maintained against any such State or municipal officer or corporation for the recovery of any moneys so paid or collected prior to said date. Approved, June 19, 1878. CHAP. 328.-Au act to provide for the expenses of the Select Committee on Alleged June 19, 1878. Frauds in the late Presidential Election. —————- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of twenty thou- Appropriations. sand dollars or so much thereof as may be necessary be and the same Cqmmitteetoinis hereby appropriated from any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise ¥°°*:lH”:*°P ***9 appropriated to defray the actual expenses necessarily incurred by the eign1in;°“' select committee of the House of Representatives appointed under reso· ` lution of the House of May seventeenth, and under that resolution and the resolution of May twenty-second, following, directed to investigate alleged frauds in the late Presidential election said to have been committed in Louisiana and Florida, or that may be charged to have been committed in any other State. Said appropriation to be added to the contingent fund of the House of Representatives, and to be disbursed Disbursementupon vouchers approved by the chairman of said committee or of any sub-committee thereof; and the clerk of the House shall pay such parts of said sum as the chairman of the said committee shall in writing direct for the purpose aforesaid to the Sergea.nt·at-Arms of the House, who shall, as soon thereafter as practicable, make report in writing to the Report. House, of the manner in which the sums thu paid to him have been expended, accompanied by vouchers in detail which report and vouchers when examined and approved by the Committee of Accounts of the House shall be deemed a sufficient settlement of his accountability, and any unexpended balance remaining in his hands, after such settlement Unoxponded balshall be paid by him into the Treasury of the United States, to the ¤¤°°· · credit of the fund for which it was appropriated. 81:0. 2. That the sum of twenty thousand dollars be, and the same Investigations hereby is, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise by S¤¤¤*><>- appropriated · which sum shall be placed to the credit of the contingent fund of the Senate, and be applied toward defraying the expenses of

aid investigations and inquiries as have already been, or may hereafter

be, directed by the Senate during the period of the Forty-fifth Congress; xxi1x