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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 329. 1878. 13] keeper, two thousand dollars; clerk for Doorkeeper, one thousand two Oihcers and omhundred dollars; janitor, one thousand two hundred dollars. P1°¥¤¤¤- For one chief engineer, one thousand seven hundred dollars· two assistant engineers, one thousand two hundred dollars each; and one laborer, eight hundred and twenty dollars; five firemen, at nine hundred dollars each. And all engineers and others who are engaged in heating Eqgium, om., to and ventilatiug the House shall be subject to the orders, and in all M ¤••7¢¤¢ iv awhirespects under the direction, of the architect of the Capitol subject to ““° 0“P“°l· the control of the Speaker; and no removal or appointment shall be made except with his approval. For superintendent of the folding-room, two thousand dollars; three clerks in the folding-room, one at one thousand eight hundred dollars, and two at one thousand two hundred dollars each; superintendent of the document-room, two thousand dollars; chief assistant in the document-room, at two thousand dollars; document iile clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars. , For fourteen messengers on the soldiers’ roll, at one thousand two hundred dollars each: Provided, Said messengers served in the Union Provin. Army. For eight messengers, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; ten messengers, at one thousand dollars each; seven laborers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; ten laborers, during the session, at the rate of seven hundred and twenty dollars each per annum; one laborer, at six hundred dollars; one laborer (Henry Douglas), at eight hundred and forty dollars; one laborer, at six hundred dollars; eight laborers in charge of cleaning the Hall of the House, known as “ cloakroom men ", at fifty dollars per month during the session; and for one female attendant in ladies’ retiring room, six hundred dollars. For postmaster, two thousand five hundred dollars; first assistant postmaster, two thousand dollars; four messengers, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; eight messengers, during the session, at eight hundred dollars each; and one laborer, at seven hundred and twenty ollars. For Chaplain of the House, nine hundred dollars. For two stenographers for committees, five thousand dollars each; and this shall be in lieu of all other compensation for such services in reporting and transcribing the proceedings of each and all of said committees. For live official reporters of the proceedings and debates of the House, at ive thousand dollars each, twenty-five thousand dollars. For contingent expenses of the House of Representatives, namely: Contingent ox- For twenty-one clerks to committees, at six dollars per day during P°gf°¤l} t the session, fifteen thousand one hundred and twenty dollars. m,,,;; ° °°m` For one employee under the Doorkeeper, by resolution of the House of November sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, one thousand three hundred and fourteen dollars. For materials for folding, fourteen thousand dollars. f aliateriuls for 0 l11g. For labor in folding books, speeches, and pamphlets, the following Folding. employees are hereby authorized to be appointed by the superintendent of the folding room, namely: One foreman, one thousand five hundred dollars; fifteen laborers, ten thousand eight hundred dollars; one messenger, one thousand two hundred dollars; one folder in the sealingroom, one thousand two hundred dollars; one page, five hundred dollars; one laborer, four hundred dollars; in all, iilteen thousand six hundred dollars, in lieu of the sum heretofore appropriated in gross. For fuel and oil for the heating apparatus, ten thousand dollars. Fuel,oil,etc. For hire of horses and mail-wagons for carrying the mails, five thou- Horses and wagsand dollars. °"’· For furniture, and repairs of the same, seven thousand dollars. Furniture. For packing-boxes, two thousand two hundred dollars. Packing-boxes. For cartage, seven hundred dollars. Cnrtago.