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200 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 329. 1878. thousand eight hundred dollars each; twenty-two second assistant examiners, at one thousand six hundred dollars each ; twenty-two third assist- Financial clerlds ant examiners, at one thousand four hundred dollars each ; one financial md- clerk, two thousand dollars, who shall give bond in such amount as the Secretary of the Interior may determine; one librarian, two thousand dollars; one machinist, one thousand six hundred dollars; four clerks of class four; five clerks of class three (one of whom shall be translator of languages); nineteen clerks of class two; and thirty clerks of class one; thirty-two permanent clerks, at one thousand dollars each; for sixty copyist·clerks, at nine hundred dollars each; for three skilled draughtsmen, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; for one messenger and purchasing-clerk, one thousand dollars; for one skilled laborer, one thousand two hundred dollars; for ten attendants in modelroom, at eight hundred dollars each; for forty laborers, at six hundred 1878, eh. 350, and sixty dollars each; and six laborers, at six hundred dollars each ; Post,Q25. three folders and pasters, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; in all, three hundred and seventy thousand three hundred and ninety dollars. Contingent ex- For contingent and miscellaneous expenses of the Patent Office, P<°>¤¤*>¤· namely: For construction and repair of modelcases, stationary portfolios for drawings, furniture and labor connected therewith, repairing, papering, painting, carpets, ice, advertising, books for library, moneys rei'unded, printing engraved patent-heads, international exchanges, extra labor on indexes and abstracts for annual reports and printing the Pmviaa. same, and other contingencies, fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That not more than fifteen thousand dollars of this sum may be used for employment of temporary clerks at not more than the rate of one thon- Advertising. sand dollars per annum for each clerk ; and no money appropriated by this paragraph shall be expended for advertising in newspapers published in the city of Washiiigton other than the Patent Oihce Official Gazette. _ Photolithograph- For photolithographing, or otherwise producing copies of drawings mg- · of current and back issues, for the use of the office and for sale, including pay of temporary draughtsmen, twenty-five thousand dollars. For photolithographing, or otherwise producing plates for the Olhcial Gazette, including pay of employees engaged on the Gazette, and for making similar plates, thirtytwo thousand dollars. For photolithographing, or otherwise producing copies of the weekly issues of drawings, to be attached to patents and copies, thirty-ilve Supervision of thousand doliars; the work of said photolithographing, or otherwise 1>7*0*¢>W·<>9*¤1W¤9· producing plates and copies, referred to in this and the two preceding paragraphs, to be done under the supervision of the Commissioner of Patents, and in the city of Washiiigton, if it can be there done‘at reasonable rates ; and the Commissioner of Patents, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, is authorized to make contracts therefor. For tracings of drawings preparatory to photolithographing back issues, and to fill orders, five thousand dollars. _ _Burean ofEduca- BUREAU OF EDU(}ATION.—FOY the Commissioner of Education, three

    • 0**- thousand dollars; chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one

clerk of class four; one statistician, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk of class three; one translator, one thousand six hundred dollars; one clerk of class two; four copyists, at nine hundred dollars each; one assistant messenger; in all, seventeen thousand three hundred and twenty dollars. For contingent expenses, namely: Cases for library, five hundred dollars; library, one thousand dollars; current educational periodicals, two hundred and fifty dollars; ot-her current publications, two hundred and twenty-five dollars; completing valuable sets of periodicals and publications in·the library, two hundred dollars; telegraphing and expressage, two hundred dollars; collecting statistics and writing and compiling matter for annual and special reports, and editing and publishing circulars of information, eight thousand dollars; iuel and lights,