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FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1. 1877. 3 the Atlantic and Pacific; for procuring water at such posts as, from their situation, require it to be brought from a distance; and for clearing roads, and for removing obstructions from roads, harbors, and rivers, to the extent which may be required for the actual operations of the troops in the field, four million two hundred thousand dollars. For hire of quarters for officers on military duty, hire of quarters for Q‘”*'*°'°· troops, of storehouse-s for the safekeeping of military stores, of offices, and of grounds for camp and summer cantouments, and for temporary frontier stations; for the construction of temporary huts and stables; and for repairing public buildings at established posts, one million one hundred thousand dollars. For construction and repair of hospitals, fifty thousand dollars. }l¤¤t>i¤¤i¤~ For purchase and manufacture of clothing and camp and garrison €l¤¤l¤i¤s- equipage, and for preserving and repacking the stock of clothing and camp and garrison equipage and materials on hand at the Philadelphia, Jeffersonville, and other depots of the Quartermastefs Department, nine hundred thousand dollars. For all contingent expenses of the Army not provided for by other Contingenciesestimates, and embracing all branches of the military service, to be How expended. expended under the immediate orders of the Secretary of War, forty thousand dollars. DIEDICAL DEPA1t1*M11N*r.—For purchase of medical and hospital sup- Medical Departplies, medical care and treatment of officers and soldiers on detached “’°“"· duty, expenses of purveying-depots, advertising, and other miscellaneous expenses of the Medical Department, two hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That the heads of the several Executive Departments are P'°°i8°· hereby authorized to detail for temporary service in the Surgeon-Gem D<*'¤’l of fled? eral’s Office, to be employed in furnishing information called for by the g’;é‘;4g“°"`°‘""`“l‘ Commissioner of Pensions, clerks from such Departments, or any of ` them, whenever practicable. For the Army Medical Museum. and for medical and other works for Army Medica! the library of the Surgeon-General’s Office, ten thousand dollars. M“"“"‘· Encinitas Dn1>AarMmN1·.-For engineer depot at Willets Point, New E rmi ¤ <¤ M D0- York, namely: For purchase of engineering materials to continue the P"*""’“°· present course of instruction of the engineer battalion in field engineer- . S"h°"l °f b‘*“°l‘ ing, one thousand dollars. mn' For incidental expenses of the depot, remodeling ponton-trains, re- I¤°l*l°¤***1 °¤· pairing instruments, fuel, forage, stationery, chemicals, extra-duty pay, P€"”"S‘ ordinary repairs, one thousand five hundred dollars. Ommascn D1¤:rAacrMnNr.—For the ordnance service required to de- O¤l¤¤¤°¤ D0- fray the current expenses at the arsenals; of receiving stores and issuing p“(‘£¥:;:,; BX . . . [)0l]• arms and other ordnance supplies; of police and office duties; of rents, SBB_ tolls, fuel, and lights; of stationery and office-furniture; of tools and instruments for use; of public animals, forage, and vehicles; incidental expenses of the ordnance service, including compensation of workmen in the armory and museum building connected with the Ordnance Othee, and those attending practical trials and tests of ordnance, small-arms, and other ordnance supplies, one hundred thousand dollars: Provided, Prvriw- That none of the money hereby appropriated shall be expended, directly Limiting eee. or indirectly, for any use not strictly necessary for, and directly connected with, the military service of the Government; and this restriction shall apply to the use of public animals, forage, and vehicles: And pro- Preeiee. vided further, That none of the money hereby appropriated shall be expended for the construction or repair of buildings. For manufacture of metallic ammunition for small-arms, seventy-five Av-¤¤¤¤¤i¤i<>¤· thousand dollars. For overhauling, cleaning, and•preserving new ordnance·stores on O“l¤¤¤°°·¤*°*°°· hand at the arsenals, thirty thousand dollars. For repairing ordnance and ordnance·stores in the hands of troops and for issue at the arsenals and depots, thirty-five thousand dollars. For purchase and manufacture of ordnance·stores, to till requisitions of troops, one hundred thousand dollars.