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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 68. 1879. 285 change and mileage, and for the payment of any such officers as may be in service, either upon the active or retired list, during the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty, in excess of the numbers lor each class provided for in this act, and for any increase of pay arising from (l.lIlCl'Ul.l(· duty, as the needs of the service may require, four hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars; and should the sums here- Balanwa to mm inbefore appropriated for the pay of the officers on the active and retired d¢f¢€¤**0*¢¤· lists of the Navy be insuilieient, then, and in that case, the Secretary of the Navy is llBl‘(·lltl}'_fllll*llOl‘lZ0(l to use any and all balances which may be due, or become due, to "Pa·y of the Navy" from the other bureaus of the department, for that purpose. For contingent expenses of the Navy, namely: For rent and furniture oomgugma ·of buildings and offices not in navy-yards; expenses of courts-martial and courts of inquiry, boards of investigation, examining boards, with elerks’ and wi tnesses’ fees, and traveling expenses and costs; stationery and recording; expenses of purchasing paymasters’ offices at the various cities, including clerks, furniture, fuel, stationery, and incidental expenses; newspapers and advertising; foreign postage ; telegraphing, foreign and domestie· copying- mail and express wagons and livery and express fees and fieight; all books for the use of the Navy; care of library; experts’ fees and costs of suits; commissions, warrants, diplomas, and discharges; relief of vessels in distress and pilotagc; recovery of valuables from Sl1lp\V1'0(Jl{S; quarantine expenses; care and transportation of the dead; reports, professional investigation, and information from abroad ; and all other emergencies and extraordinary expenses arising at home or abroad, but impossible to be anticipated or classified, eighty thousand dollars. ` For 15].10 ])ll1`(>ll3S0 of 0I`(lll1Pl·I'y ])OSIt\ g` 8-StH»l'I1])S IOP USB OD official lll2U9i3GP, Foreign postage. to be sent to foreign countries in pursuance of the requirements of the -United Postal Union Treaty, five thousand dollars; to be available on and after April first, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine. To pay for clothing and bedding of officers and others in the Navy Clothing, ctc., and Marine Corps destroyed to prevent the spread of disease, one thou- <l<>¤*¤`<>IY°**· sand two hundred dollars; to be available immediately. For gratuities and medals of honor, under section fourteen hundred Medals of Lond:. and seven of the Revised Statutes, five hundred dollars; to be available immediately. BUREAU OF NAVIGATION. For foreign and local pilotage and towage of ships of wa1·,forty-five Nevis3mi0H SUD- thousand dollars. 1*1*0* For services and materials in correcting compasses on board ship, and for adjusting and testing coinpasses on shore, three thousand dollars. For nautical and astronomical instruments, nautical books, maps, charts, and sailing directions, and repairs of nautical instruments for ships of war, nine thousand dollars. For books for libraries for ships of war, two thousand dollars. For Navy signals and apparatus, namely, signal-lights, lanterns, rockets, running-lights, drawings, and engravings for signal-books, six thousand dollars. For compass-fittings, binnacles, tripods, and other appendages of sl1ips’ compasses, three thousand dollars. For logs and other appliances for measuring the ship’s way, and leads and other appliances for sounding, three thousand dollars. For lanterns and lamps, and their appendages, for general use on board ship, including those for the cabin, wardroom, and steerage, for the holds and spirit-room, for decks and quartermasters} use, five thousand dollars. For bunting and other materials for flags, and making and repairing digs of all kinds, four thousand dollars.